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Using TLS in Applications (Active WG)
Art Area: Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov, Ben Campbell | 2013-Dec-11 —  

IETF-99 uta minutes

Session 2017-07-20 1810-1910: Berlin/Brussels - Audio stream - uta chatroom


minutes-99-uta-00 minutes

          UTA WG, 20/07/2017 18:10-18:58
          Note Well & Agenda Bashing (5 min)
          no comments
          in WGLC, not discussed, comments to the mailing list
          room comment
            - suggestion to include relative security benefit of TOFU for small
            versus very large senders in security considerations to contrast
            MTA-STS against DANE
          Chair asks for room consensus on room K/V versus json
            - there does not seem to be a strong preference within the room;
            most people seem to care either way
            - Viktor has a preference for K/V
          Chair concludes no strong opinions voiced; without strong opinion voiced
          it will remain the way it is
            - it will be taken to the list either way
          status update presentation by Keith Moore (see slides)
            - feedback: why state TLS deprecation as < 1.1? Recommend TLS 1.2
            - feedback: submission is here to stay; for SMTP both 587 (requiring
            STARTTLS) and 465 (implicit TLS) are probably OK
          hum on document status: standards track vs. BCP
          decision: clear consensus that it should be standards track
            - will be confirmed on the list
            - AD: standard track makes sense
          AD: ready for WGLC? Keith: Yes, probably next week. Chair: agreed.
          status update presentation by Jim Fenton (see slides)
          hum on working group adoption of the draft
          decision: clear consensus that it should be a standards track
            - will be confirmed on the list
          Future work
          Open Mic
            - Viktor Dukhovni: there is no clean way to signal deprecation of an
            STS policy.
              - chair asks to provide a specific text suggestion for the draft
              to clarify
              - chair: probably means couple of months before WGLC
            - Chair asks implementers if there are strong opinions on K/V vs. JSON
              - Viktor: Postfix will probably not ship with JSON included
              - Mark: Google will have an implementation within a few weeks,
              will take some performance hit, can also live with K/V
              - AD: suggest one week call on ml to state there will be no change
              unless a lot of people turn up
              - Chair: that's what we'll do
            - Yaron Sheffer: asks attention for ticket pinning draft, talk to us

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