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Art Area: Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov, Ben Campbell | 2009-Apr-14 —  

IETF-103 sipcore minutes

Session 2018-11-08 1120-1220: Chitlada 3 - Audio stream - sipcore chatroom


minutes-103-sipcore-00 minutes

          SIPCORE - IETF 103 Bangkok
          2018 November 08, Thursday
          11:20- 12:20, Chitlada 3
          Co-Chairs: Jean Mahoney, Brian Rosen
          Substitute co-chairs for meeting: Nils Ohlmeier, Gonzalo Salguiero
          AD: Ben Campbell
          Jabber relay: Ben Campbell
          Note taker: Roland Jesske
             05 min - Agenda and WG Status
                      Presenter: Jean Mahoney
             45 min - SIP Session Timer Glare Handling
                      Draft: draft-ietf-sipcore-sessiontimer-race
                      Presenter: Christer Holmberg
             05 min - Any Other Business/Wrap Up
          Nils and Gonzalo presented the agenda; there were no changes.
          Jean Mahoney (remote) presented WG status
          there were no comments.
          Christer Holmberg presented SIP Session Timer Glare
          Handling (draft-ietf-sipcore-sessiontimer-race,
          Roland Jesske supported the solution in the slides. Roman Shpount had
          technical feedback on the slides, but would provide it on list.
          It was discussed whether a RFC4028bis draft should be created rather
          than going forward draft-ietf-sipcore-sessiontimer-race. Consensus in the
          room was that a bis should be created, and tightly scoped to fixing bugs
          and ambiguities that caused problems in the field. Editorial changes and
          enhancements were out of scope. Ben Campbell pointed out that the IESG
          finds it easier to review bis documents that have not been rearranged or
          heavily wordsmithed. Jean wondered if the WG might find a requirements
          draft for the bis useful. Response was a strong no.
          ACTION: Chairs to ask on list whether a RFC4028bis draft should be created
          instead of going forward draft-ietf-sipcore-sessiontimer-race. DONE 2018
          Nov 8.
          No other business was brought up.
          Meeting adjourned.

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