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SIDR Operations (Active WG)
Ops Area: Benoit Claise, Warren Kumari | 2016-Nov-07 —  

IETF-100 sidrops agenda

Session 2017-11-15 1330-1500: Padang - Audio stream - sidrops chatroom


          SIDROPS meeting at IETF 100 (version 2)
          1:30-3:00pm  11/15/2017
          Room: Sophia
          Chair's administrivia [1:30-1:40]
          0) Agenda bashing and Chair's slides  [10 minutes]
          1) Erika Vega - [15 minutes]
          Status of BGP Origin Validation deployment of NREN in Colombia
          Slides Not Received
          2) Matthias Waehlisch - [10 minutes]
          Status of RPKI deployment with IXPs
          Slides Not Received
          3) Yu Fu - [10 minutes]
          Problem Statement and Considerations for ROAs issued with Multiple Prefixes
          Draft Submitted, Slides Not Received
          4) Oliver Borchert - [10 minutes]
          Extending RFC82088 by adding Experimental/Documentation algorithm IDs
          Draft Not Submitted, Slides Not Received
          5) Tim Bruijnzeels - [5 minutes]
          Status of Signed TALs document.

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