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Real-Time Communication in WEB-browsers (Active WG)
Art Area: Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov, Ben Campbell | 2011-May-03 —  

IETF-100 rtcweb minutes

Session 2017-11-15 1520-1650: Bras Basah - Audio stream - rtcweb chatroom


minutes-100-rtcweb-00 minutes

          Magnus Westerlund: Simulcast discussion is happening in MMUSIC
          Sean: Cluster 238 is in progress.  Please help it get done.
          -fec is in WGLC but needs a comment to be addressed
          -jsep is headed to IESG
          EKR: Is -sdp-examples full of mistakes?
          Cullen: -sdp-examples may have mistakes because it was partly
          hand-generated, but it's not full of mistakes.
          Harald: Is there a way to extract the SDP?
          Cullen: No, but I will be happy to help with that if we decide to
          publish it.
          Magnus: We should have Simulcast in -sdp-examples and/or in the Simulcast
          Cullen: I'm happy to help with that, in this document or a new one.
          On -security
          If there is no objection we will go to WGLC on -security.
          On -security-arch
          Call for objections: can we restrict getUserMedia to secure origins?
          Jonathan Lennox and Richard Barnes: What about debug mode?
          EKR: Insecure access in debug mode is fine.
          No objections voiced.
          No objection to banning MKI.
          On Identity providers:
          Decided: allow a port number in the domain field and document that it
          is not authenticated.
          Decided: Write "some crap" regarding SDP containing multiple identities.
          Decided: Require one DTLS handshake per component.  Overrides 5764.
          Peter Thatcher / Harald Alvestrand
          Split the DSCP control?  Requires pulling the draft from the RFC-editors
          queue and redoing a (targeted) WGLC.
          Hum for incorporating this change: rough consensus that the change should
          not be incorporated at this time.
          Decided: This change will not be incorporated.
          Should Opus FEC be MTI?
          Conclusion: Cullen will help to write an e-mail clarifying the intent
          of this change.

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