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Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Martin Vigoureux, John Scudder | 2018-Feb-09 —  

IETF-110 rift minutes

Session 2021-03-08 1530-1630: Room 5 - rift chatroom


minutes-110-rift-00 minutes

          Base Spec Update
          no comments
          Applicability Statement draft
          Jeff: please confirm with those who provided comments
                that they are satisfied.
          Yang Model
          Jeff: Do we need an update based on -13 revision of base spec?
          Tony: No, as -13 is only for editorial changes.
          Jeff: Please get Yang doctor review
          Jeffrey: Does this work with known RIFT implementations?
          Sandy: Known RIFT implementors (Tony, Bruno, ZTE) have closely
                 reviewed the model and provided comments
          Tony:  Did closely review earlier revision and will review the latest
          Jeff: Would be good to report implementation experience (if there is
                already a YANG implmentation)
          K-V Registry
          Jeffrey: What is exactly the "key identifier"? For example, for SR,
                   when we distribute (system-id/loopback, SRGB, SID) info,
                           is system-id/loopback part of the key identifier or
                           the value?
          Tony: I don't think we should introduce structure in the key identifier.
                From the registry you will get 1, 2, 3, ... as key identifiers,
                    and the system-id/loopback would be part of the value.
          SR RIFT
          Tony: What you suggest should work fine in principle.
                Make sure you keep very precise account what is north vs. south
                bound in terms of values you want to distribute, because first
                    mechanism starts different (tie-breaking) and second it has all
                    the implications in terms of scalability.
          Tony: The system-id vs. loopback address - that's kind of implementation
                specific. When you start using loopback address it is no longer
                    ZTP - you better start talking about how to automatically
                    derive loopback addresses from system-id.
          Jeffrey: In a RIFT network if you don't have loopback addresses,
                   how do you manage a node?
          Tony: How do you SSH into an Ethernet Switch - you don't.
                If things works well enough, why bother.
                    Well if you need to, then you do need a loopback.
          Jeff: There is a larger picture if you're planning to traffic engineering
                to explicit stuff probably you will want to be able to address a
                    node specifically.
                    But practically Tony to your comment about scalability, if you
                    look at non-RIFT network the process of provisioning is
                    to the process of discovery so you would go through you
                    and provision SRGBs, SIDs, IP address and something else then
                    would use a dynamic part of your network to actually do
                    - BGP-LS up - to the controller and report SRGB/SIDs and
                    Here you already know what they are so there's no process of
                    discovery - everything has been discovered before and you
                    don't need
                    discovery so it address much higher scales.
          Tony: Yes bigger discussion in the mailing list but arguably you could
                the SR thing fully ZTP. If you have system-id you could derive all
                    these blocks and everything and just distribute them and you
                    need to configure everything. But this is too large for the
                    mic now.
          Jeff: I mean non-planar topology with single links absolutely there's
                you just need to reach next node. In more complex topologies
                    something more would be needed. This is definitely something
                    to be
                    addressed in the draft.
          Sandy: Is this to be used between PE and CE? or is it to replace BGP
                 control plane at all?
          Tony: This is strictly aimed at EVPN. What we're seeing is people are
                deploying IP fabrics and very very often they are deploying EVPN on
                    top of that to get L2 and they're deploying to the leaf or
                    to the servers because of the multi-homing issues.
                    So the fabric starts to look like one big Ethernet switch to
                    with vlans in a sense. That's what we're addressing.
                    That's something being deployed a lot, and you know
                    have a significantly complex configuration and there are
                    solutions but there's something where you could buy just three
                    four switches and literally stick them together like Ethernet
                    switches and you get EVPN with the same simplicity as deploying
                    I mean it will scale to much bigger scale but at certain point
                    of time I think the manageability of such a thing will become
                    but RIFT will support it at any scale so will EVPN so you know
                    sky's the limit really. It addresses a specific deployment
                    use case
                    which however we see a lot really a lot.
          Alvaro: If this progresses it would be good to keep BESS informed.
          Tony: Yes. Got a presentation slot in bess. Right now it is to invoke
                interest and discussion, to see who is willing to jump in to help.
          Jeff: Personaly I am very happy to see EVPN coming to RIFT I mean it
                RIFT's unique capability and it's great stuff and auto discovery
                    capability is aboslutely unique and that's really great next

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