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Multiprotocol Label Switching (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Alia Atlas, Deborah Brungard | 1997-Mar-03 —  

IETF-99 mpls minutes

Session 2017-07-18 1330-1530: Congress Hall II - Audio stream - mpls chatroom
Session 2017-07-21 0930-1130: Congress Hall III - Audio stream - mpls chatroom


minutes-99-mpls-00 minutes

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          1 . Agenda bashing, WG status reports    Presenter:  Chairs
          Disclose IPR as soon as known.
          George is not travelling this time.
          Tarek flight cancelled and not here. Should arrive later today.
          Jeff Hass: Could you please move BFD presentation earlier today instead
          of the last.
          Loa: Moved to slot #4 (at the Mach's presentation)
          Errata approved for RFC3031/5002.
          3 new RFCs.
          One new WG document.
          Opportunist encryption: will expire. Need student.
          Stewart: what is the issue?
          Loa: EXP RFC. Couldn't find a student, had lost one. No technical issue.
          2. draft-xu-mpls-unified-source-routing-instruction -  Presenter:
          Shaowen Ma
          Unified source routing MPLS label stacking.
          TE used as overlay.
          Bruno: Orange: What document trying to specify can be summarised in one
          sentencce. Node MPLS not capable, can use IP tunnel.
          Shaowen Ma: Use TE stack. You can have the per hop behaviour.
          Bruno: Can use MPLS today.
          Shaowen Ma: purpose of this draft is how to leverage existing
          capability. Informational draft.
          Bruno: It is standards track document.
          Shaowen Ma: We want to reduce the MPLS stack. No need to add MPLS
          labels. Remember UDP port source value.
          Reuse the cached value. Difference from exsiting forwarding capability.
          Bruno: MPLS and UDP is already specified.
          Xiaohu: MPLS over UDP packet. No need to add reachble label.
          Loa: continue on the list.
          Bruno: relatiosnhip between -??- draft.
          Stewart Bryant: still talking. Need architecture. Not sure how many
          drafts it will take.
          Bruno: As spring co-chair, why MPS WG chosen?
          Loa: Relation with multiple working groups. TEAS/SPRING WG could be
          Bruno: This draft will have a better feedback in spring.
          Ahmed Bashandi: What is new here. Running SR over IP tunnel?
          Xiaohu: There is no need to have explicit tunnel. MPLS in UDP.
          Loa: Take it to the list.
          ??:  Push label stack on the host. MSD is not an issue.
          Shaowen Ma: Middle node is an issue pushing the stack.
          3 draft-xu-mpls-service-chaining - Presenter: Xiaohu
          No questions.
          4 draft-ietf-mpls-bfd-directed - Presenter: Greg Mirsky, Carlos (Cisco)
          First, Carlos Pignataro Presenting:
          Stewart: Strict source routing from A to G? Due to ECMP path can be
          any direction.
          Carlos: No strict paths.
          Stewart: falsely detect a failure. Failure forward or reverse still
          a failure.
          Carlos: Ability to select multiple path and correlate needed - there
          is ambiguity.
          Jeff Hass: Not required operationally.  (comment on the Slide before
          the switching over to a different )
          Jeff Haas: 5884 how to bootstrap a session - updates the 5884 procedure.
          Stewart: Why do we want to modify and start a new one.
          Jeff Haas: Using BFD. Doing unidirectional test. Failure on the return
          path can falsely deletect the failure.  This does not always work. BFD
          is always bidirectional.
          Second, Greg Presenting:
          In some cases create co-routed BFD session. Select more reliable reverse
          path. Can use reverse LSP, TP like bidirectional LSP but does not have
          IP encap.
          Carlos: 5884 can use LSP return path if bidirectional LSP.
          Greg: providing a mechnaism to make it detereministic.
          Loa: Do you support / agreement reached?
          Carlos: Upto the WG. Not all questions answered.
          Jeff Haas: 1. MPLS WG says useful prob to solve. 2. Issues in the
          document and how to address if 1 is yes. 3. Minimal 5884 procedureal
          updates. Tackle in that order.
          5 draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-lag-multipath - Presenter: Mach Chen
          Loa: 3.5 years old. We have a 6 people.
          Agree with Mach. Need much more WG document. Comments on the list.
          6   draft-bryant-mpls-sfl-framework - Presenter:Stewart Bryant
          Synonyous labels. Present all 4 drafts.
          Loadbalancing issue:
          Carlos: what are chances of that happening?
          Stewart: check the deployment and see if that is an issue.
          Carlos: How important is this limitation for this document?
          Stewart: Strictly entropy label only
          Carlos: ??
          Stewart: need to announce to fulful this
          George: In some older system, specific LC, egress and ingress LCs.
          Stewart: ??
          George: Yes, ELI include stack depth for load balancing.
          Stewart: There are some routers that do that - use ELI and other
          things. Lot of poeple not expecting this behaviour.
          7 draft-sitaraman-mpls-rsvp-shared-labels - Presenter: Harish Sitaraman
          Jeff Tantsura:  Whys stack labels?
          Harish: Forwarding plane decoupled from data plane.  FIB size.
          Jeff: motivation?
          Harish: amount of FIB size.
          Loa: Early allocation only WG document?
          Deborah: Yes, has to be WG document, has to be stable document.
          Loa: Ealy allocation premature. have to wait.
          Pavan: Co-authos asking for adoption and then get early allocation
          code points.
          8  draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-yang - Presenter: Xufeng
          Loa: Yang dr email came late.
          Loa: we are on track to update.
          Lou: New IPR rules.
          Greg: How to decide the Evaluation and relevance.
          Lou: WG /chair decides what to do with IPR. And evaluate the disclosures.
          Text/paragraphs can be removed from the draft.
          WG may not work on that technology.
          Stewart: why present here?
          Loa: have a document that needs this discussions.
          Stewart: have a problem?
          Loa: WG draft/LC. Got IPR. Have withdrawn the comments and draft
          changed. IPR still holds. Have over disclosure in this case?
          Lou: Change / continue the document.
          Lou: as a WG you can look at the document and say not going to support it.
          Stewart: Difficult to learn the licensing term. Need court to decide.
          MPLS WG session II - Friday
          1 - Kireeti Presents
          Greg Mirsky: well known problem in IGP in split areas
          Loa: for a WG document? there is no discussions on the mailing list?
          Kireeti: did not know this is relevant to rings.. we talked to
          customers.. once we make a deceision we will bring it to the
          list.. present in the update..
          Kireeti: is the WG interested in this problem?
          Loa: I have not seen any discussions on the mailing list
          Kireeti: So far, discussions on how to extend RSVP for RMR happened
          in/with the WG
              - none.
          2. Greg Mirsky presents
          a. draft-mirsky-spring-bfd
          Questions: none
          b. Point-to-Point MPLS LSP
          Loa: send an email to get the WG's opinion on continuing this work in
          MPLS or BFD WG
          c. draft-mirsky-mpls-p2mp-bfd
              - Greg: I think this work more belongs to MPLS WG
          3. Tarek Saad presnets
          Greg: we need to think about synonymous flow labels
          Lou: less of a concern about TTL, but TC seems suitable to have in the
          label stack
          4. Adrian Farrel presents:
          Q: I'd like you to present to SPRING, as it is interesting to SPRING
          too. More OAM part to be announced..
          Adrian: we spoke to SPRING about this.. and we were on the agenda this
          time.. on where it should be MPLS/SPRING WG?
          BRUNO: for consistency anything we do for MPLS, can be done for SRV6.
          Adrian: less than half of the work is in SPRING at the moment
          LOa: can we take this offline to the list
          Stewart: hopefully, we can inherit a bunch of MPLS OAM, but it need to
          be worked

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