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Multiprotocol Label Switching (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alia Atlas, Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard | 1997-Mar-03 —  

IETF-100 mpls minutes

Session 2017-11-14 1330-1530: Sophia - Audio stream - mpls chatroom


minutes-100-mpls-00 minutes

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          General updates:
          LDP and MD5
          MD5 is deprecated today.. PALS and MPLS WG writing a draft for new
          security requirements.
          New RFCs published 8223,8227,8234,8256,8277
          Not all authors getting request for status update. Few of the drafts
          were missing status updates.
          Presenter: Stephane Litkowski
          Draft first version Feb 2014.
          Resolved issues from May 2016 WG LC.
          Kireeti: You don't have to read all the labels. Just need to read the EL.
          Stephane: Agree.
          Jeff: Binding SID disapeared from the draft.
          Stephane: Still there for LDP. Can still use it for LDP and LDP to SR.
          Jeff: Introduce a separate draft?
          Acee: Take if offline.
          Greg Mirsky: handing for multiple ELI case. global policies. might be
          useful to have strict policies. use the first one?
          Stephane: From implementation perspective it does not change. Not changing
          the data plane here.
          Loa: When issue a WG LC. Take comments to the WG LC.
          Stephane: multiple possibilities
          Kireeti: all EL should be the same.. hashing on different EL can cause
          Stephane: Should not make is mandatory
          Kireeti: May be hashed differently with multiple ELs.
          Presenter: Stewart Bryant
          Kireeti: Best not to call it SR capable on Transit SR processing slide.
          Stewart: Send you suggestions
          Stewart: Presenting this in spring this week.
          Himanshu: WG related question. There is another identical draft. process
          both drafts or combine them?
          Stewart: Authors are talking.
          Himanshu: Combine two drafts?
          Stewart: Still talking.
          ??: This can support interworking with SR and MPLS native trasport?
          Stewart: Yes
          ??: How to map entropy label?
          Stewart: There is already text on it. Anything missisng please tell us.
          ??: Different SR IGP areas, how does it know which IGP area for the
          first hop label.
          Stewart: How do we know the labels in two diff domains?
          Kireeti: Two SR capable nodes
          Adrian: You do not target SR capable node, you target the node from
          SR stack.
          Ahmed: new behaviour for MPLS, why in this WG? Spring is more
          appropriate. MPLS over GRE and UDP RFCs?
          Adrian: 7510 was here, this is how to use 7510, good simple use case
          of it.
          Ahmed: use-case for SPRING, should be informational. Why standards track?
          Adrian: Yes, make a decision in future.
          Jeff: Entropy label could be good. No difference - describe how mapped,
          additional h/w resources.
          Ahmed: mapping entropy. Nothing to do with SR.
          Ahmed: SR should be in SRPING.
          Ali: difference between this draft and last one?
          Xiaohu: Two are describing the same tech with different styles. Need to
          close some details.
          Loa: Take it to the list. Discuss in spring.
          Martin: We have 10 minutes discussions in spring.
          Greg Mirsky
          Kireeti: LSP ping should be sent with a reply and you don't get a reply.
          Greg: Purpose of bootstrapping of sending with BFD discr is to bootstrap
          BFD session. I want this BFD session and don't care about reply. Else
          you send a reply with error code
          Kireeti: Sender asked for a reply, then reply. Agree with the second
          part but not the first one.
          Greg: Using SHOULD, if you want to reply you can.
          Kireeti: Make sure ping is finished and then start BFD session.
          Greg: this is just a proposal.
          Kireeti: Agree, it doesn't matter the order.
          Greg: Current text is explicit about it. Makes the implementation easy
          this new way.
          Greg Mirsky
          Greg Mirsky
          Zafar Ali: No metnion for seamless BFD. Do not need boot-strapping there.
          Greg: why not seamless BFD, many reasons. Less control on return path.
          Loa: Take it to the list
          Adrian Farrel
          Xiaohu: Proposed two MPLS labels, another containers SPI and SR values?
          Adrian: Two label stack values, yes.
          Xiaohu: Does not use existing MPLS forwarding table.
          Adrian: It will work on existing hardware
          Xiaohu: Currently MPLS forwarding behaviour will change.
          Adrian: Can't speak for your hardware
          Xiaohu: Need stateful service function chaining?
          Adrian: Yes
          Loa: Take it to the mailing list.
          Zafar Ali: before defining the solution, is this the right approach in
          SFC? Starting in MPLS WG is wrong thing to do.
          Adrian: This was already presented in SFC WG today.
          Stephane: It's straight forward. Existing hw. worried about the label
          stack size. We have issues with SRTE with label stack size.
          Adrian: Agree, Long SF paths will have challenges. You can indicate the
          SFF in the label stack. Swapping approach is what I like.
          Stephane: Next generation of hardware?
          Adrian: agree there are limits.
          Nokia ??: Metadata multiple part
          Adrian: Stacking approach. Originally multiple times multiple places. Then
          looked at NSH, metatadata only once.
          Nokia ??:
          Adrian: SFC WG problem, exists in NSH. What to do with metadata you
          don't know.
          Loa: Take it to the mailing list.
          Shaowen Ma
          Jim Guichard: MPLS can't mimick everything NSH is doing. Why we want to
          build Service Chaining in SR?
          Shaowen Ma: Understood
          Jim Guichard: Integrate NSH with SR. Which SR stack to push.
          Shaowen Ma: Good suggession.
          Sam Aldrin: Dataplane into the control plane. What if the SF do not
          support network stack?
          Shaowen Ma: We can remove the SF forward and get back.
          Sam Aldrin: why do you have to push this from dataplane?
          Loa: take it to the list.
          MPLS YANG model status update
          Xufeng Liu
          Greg Mirsky: MPLS OAM Yang model will be ??
          Kamran Raza
          Loa: WG LC befofe the next IETF?
          Kamran: Will decide at that time.
          Loa: Requested yang dr review.
          Stuart: Globally unique?
          Shraddha: SR domian unique.
          Greg: ??
          Shraddha: looking at the solution space
          Greg: MPLS source label draft couple of years back.
          Shraddha: Yes, had looked at it. it was just the source label, which SR
          path from that source.
          Greg: transit node has ECMP, so you still losing the node travered.
          Shraddha: Figure out how much traffic for an SR path not to discover
          the path.
          Jeff: special label and counters.
          Shraddha: forwarding plane will look for the SPI label and below that
          is an identifier.
          Jeff: Generic MPLS label. SR is a special label anyways.
          Shraddha: That could be one of the solutions. allocate a special global
          block and provision on each node. Don't think SRLB can be used. We need
          a new global block.
          Jeff: you don't need two labels, just need one.
          Shraddha: you really need a special label. don't exist today. one of the
          solutions. you can achieve with one label. you really need to dedicate
          a global label block. 100K labels may not be sufficient for example.
          Stewart: never use a special purpose label. Couple of 1000 nodes and
          use that many labels to indicate them.
          Mach Chen: every solution one or more labels has pros and cons.
          Jeff: every hw vendor, huge cost associated 10+ label.
          Shraddha: Label stack depth is a concern, agree
          Jeff: Binding SID to create a sub-path. Need to extend BGP.
          Stewart: IP can do this lot of it already. Use existing technology.
          Shraddha: using IP source/dest?
          Stewart: using netflow.
          ?? : global label block - good suggestion
          ?? : node may carry thousands of labels, need counters
          Shraddha: read draft - describes solutions
          MPLS ECMP Issues
          Stewart Bryant

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