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Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (Active WG)
Sec Area: Eric Rescorla, Kathleen Moriarty | 2011-Oct-25 —  

IETF-99 mile minutes

Session 2017-07-17 1550-1720: Karlin III - Audio stream - mile chatroom


minutes-99-mile-01 minutes

          Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (MILE)
          Monday, July 17, 2017 (Prague)
          Room: Karlin III
          Note takers: Roman Danyliw and David Waltermire
          Jabber scribe: Chris Inacio
          Chairs Summary
          presenters: Nancy Cam-Winget and Takeshi Takahashi
          The chairs provided a status update on the milestones and drafts of the
          Rolie draft status
          drafts: draft-ietf-mile-rolie-07
          presenters: David Waltermire and Stephen Banghart
          Banghart summarized the changes based on WGLC feedback in
          draft-ietf-mile-rolie-07. (slide #2)
          Banghart summarized the changes additional feedback (after the WGLC
          period) in draft-ietf-mile-rolie-08. (slide #3)
          Q: (Banghart): To WG/chairs, what are the next steps?
          A: (Cam-Winget): Most substaintial comments came through WGLC.  Next the
          AD should review.
          A: (Moriarty): Just do the shepherd writeup and then I will do my AD
          review, and then send it forward for IETF/IESG review
          Q: (Jordan): I'd like to better understand the direction of ROILE.
          As the chair of TAXII, I'd like see convergence.
          A: (Moriarty): These are different transport protocols making convergence
          A: (Jordan): I'd like to see how we can help product managers with
          adoption. There aren't multiple transports in v2.
          A: (Moriarty): Perhaps the WG could have an updated on TAXII 2.0
          A: (Waltermire): We'd like to see ROILE used as a transport for STIX.
          ROILE uses ATOM syndication/pub; and TAXII uses JSON.  ATOM has the
          flexibility to request feeds in formats other than XML.
          A: (Cam-Winget): I'd like to hear an updated on the status of TAXII v2
          to understand the overlap.  This would let the WG define the gaps.
          A: (Banghart): The JSON updated to ATOM pub is something that would be
          useful beyond MILE.
          A: (Jordan): If we wanted to investigate CBOR for STIX or TAXII we can
          work on that.
          A: (Cam-Winget): First order of business is for this WG to understand
          TAXII v2.  We can do this at an interim meeting.
          Poll: (Cam-Winget): Hum to signal interest in understanding the links
          between ROILE and TAXII
          WG: Signals interest
          Comment: (Cam-Winget): I'll take the action to setup a time to discuss
          this issue with the WG.
          Comment: (Jordan): As as vendor, I'd like to see JSON in ROILE.  XML is
          not in the development stack of many vendors.
          Comment: (Cam-Winget) to (Banghart): We (chairs) will want you to lead
          a conversation about ROLIE JSON when the time comes.
          Q: (Banghart): To WG/chairs, I'd like WG adoption on this draft.
          A: (Cam-Winget): Who's read this document?
          WG: very few.
          A: (Cam-Winget): We need more reviewers.  Any volunteers?
          Volunteers: Chris and Frank will review.
          A: (Cam-Winget): I'll send a note to the mailing list asking for
          TDOD: Assign Chris I and Frank as reviewers.
          TODO: Cam-Winget will send an email asking for more reviews
          Banghart summarized activity during the Hackathon.  The activity
              - serving SWID tags and vulnerability bulletins used by other SACM
              components in the Hackathon
              - Also used ROILE to extract and serve OVAL content
              - Rolie worked well for these applications; no problems were found
              with the specification
          XMPP draft status
          draft: draft-ietf-mile-xmpp-grid-03
          presenter: Nancy Cam-Winget
          Cam-Winget summarized the current status of draft-ietf-mile-xmpp-grid-03,
          a major rewrite.
          Comment: (Cam-Winget) Due to the large number of changes, the draft
          needs another WGLC
          TODO: Takahashi will start a new WGLC on the draft after this meeting
          Cam-Winget also summarized work during the Hackathon on XMPP-Grid.
            - Showed use of I2NSF with XMPP-Grid to share topology and session
            - Showed inter-op of Cisco and Huawei switches
          guidance draft status
          draft: draft-ietf-mile-iodef-guidance-10
          presenter: Mio Suzuki
          Suzuki summarized the current status of
          Q: (Suzuki) Is this draft ready to send to Kathleen/IESG for publication?
          A: (Cam-Winget) Yes, we will do the Shepherd writeup and send it to
          Kathleen for review.
          Some comments on the IODEFv2 schema
          presenter: Takeshi Takahashi
          Takahashi summarized recent experience using the IODEF v2 schema.
          Q: (Takahashi) Can we remove the space in the schemaLocation of the
          IODEF schema?
          A: (Moriarty) I will approve this, we need to make sure the schema in
          the draft is corrected as well.
          Q: (Danyliw): The spacing in the XSD can be fixed easily in the registry.
          Will there be a line-wrapping issue to correct that in the draft?
          Further errors were introduced by Takahashi.
          A: (Cam-Winget/Moriarity) An errata is going to be needed for this.
          A: (Takahashi) I will send these information to the mailing list and to
          confirm the changes.
          A: (Kathleen) Based on the discussion on the mailing list, I'll approve
          the changes.
          The need for Json representation of IODEF was asked by Takahashi
          The chair (Cam-Winget) has initiated the hum call to check whether the
          WG is intereted in this work.
          The hum seems to be in favor of this work.
          Related discussion in TLS v1.3
          Moriarty updated the WG on current discussions in the TLS WG.  In TLS
          v1.3, there is perfect forward secrecy removing the capability of
          enterprises that use static keys to inspect traffic.

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