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IETF-100 mboned minutes

Session 2017-11-14 0930-1200: VIP A - Audio stream - mboned chatroom


minutes-100-mboned-01 minutes

          IETF 100 Singapore
          MBONED Agenda
          Tues, Nov 14, 2017
          VIP A (Held jointly with PIM WG)
          Note taker: Mankamana Mishra
          Jabber Log: https://www.ietf.org/jabber/logs/mboned/2017-11-14.html
          Audio log: https://ietf.org/audio/ietf100/ietf100-vipa-20171114-0930.mp3
          Video log: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1TgY6BUgHM
          Draft started 2 years back, it lost track for some time but getting
          traction again. There were many participant (Stig and others ) had
          question if low bandwidth is still real issue considering bandwidth is
          growing day by day.Ê Toerless has comment that scope of document is not
          limited considering there are many work around for problem being stated
          in this document.
          There are many other issue which need to be documented, may be have
          to have separate documents covering different issue for example power
          was one of the problem, application are killing the battery which are
          using multicast.
          Adoption: Support in room to adopt this draft in WG.
          Stig:Ê deprecating embedded-RP is not good idea. Or how useful it
          would be.
          Toerless: do we need to provide information about what all GAP we still
          have ?Ê Greg: no need to provide too much of content here.
          Adoption: ÊSupport in room to adopt this draft in WG.
          its approved and in RFC editor queue
           *  We can request for review from Yang doctor.
          Adoption: Yes, general support from room.
          Adoption: general support for this draft in BESS.Ê But it needs to be
          presented in BESS

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