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Art Area: Barry Leiba, Murray Kucherawy | 2017-Mar-16 —  

IETF-108 jmap minutes

Session 2020-07-30 1100-1240: Room 2 - Audio stream - jmap chatroom


minutes-108-jmap-00 minutes

          # JMAP @ IETF 108
          Chairs: Bron Gondwana, Jim Fenton
          NOTE WELL was presented
          No agenda bashing
          ## JMAP calendars - Neil Jenkins
          Added what had been agreed previously.
          Fairly complete; waiting for jscalendar to be finalized.
          Want implementation experience.
          icalendar/caldav has delegation; intending to leave that
          out and perhaps add as an extension later.
          Bron: allow an event to exist on multiple calendars.
          * CONS:
           - default alerts on calendars - do they all fire?
           - floating events and per-calendar timezones
           - display color taken from calendar -> which one to show?
          * PROS:
           - aligns with emails (mailboxIds)
           - great for family or small team use-case - everyone has their own
             and events exist on the calendars of those who need to care about them.
          Neil leaning towards allowing it after discussion.
          ACTION: Neil to update jscalendar spec with latest feedback and then
          submit for WGLC once JSCalendar is final.
          ## JSContact - Mario Loffredo / Robert Stepanek
          Current versions jscontact-02, jscontact-vcard-00
          Next: revisit core data format. Align with JMAP patch
          object, maintain mapping with VCARD RFCs.
          A review from the working group would be nice.  Don't need
          anything else at this time.
          ACTION: Mario and Robert to keep working on JSContact
          ACTION: Working Group to review JSContact
          ## JMAP Quotas
          Making it more JMAPish
          Want feedback from group, going to WGLC fairly soon.
          Alexey will make sure it's consistent with IMAP quota.
          ACTION: Working Group to review JMAP Quotas
          ACTION: Alexey to review JMAP Quotas for alignment with IMAP Quotas
          ## S/MIME signature verification - Alexey
          Current version -02 - added smimeVerifiedAt property,
          clarification on smimeErrors.
          Should we allow requests about "was signature valid at a given time?"
          Bron: Is a signature valid if it expires while still in transit?
          Suggestion: validate it at receipt time and store THAT as a field
          which can be fetched.
          One more revision then Last Call
          ACTION: Alexey to publish revision of JMAP S/MIME for WGLC
          ## JMAP SIEVE - Ken Murchison
          Currently individual draft, seeking adoption by group
          JMAP-based protocol for managing Sieve scripts
          Current design:
          * accountCapabilities object, SieveScript object
          * SieveScript get and set methods, new validate method
          Possible changes
          * Need HAVESPACE functionality?
            - if so, in quota
            - Bron: no, don't think it's needed - either way server will
              return overQuota error.
          * Query method to filter and/or sort on name and/or activity
          * test method to return the actions that would be taken
          * Use BlobIDs
          * Limits on changing isActive outside of SieveScript
          Next steps: Adopt into JMAP working group.
          Alexey: This would be a great addition to JMAP
          ACTION: Bron to issue call for adoption for JMAP SIEVE draft
          ACTION: Alexey to look at integration of JMAP SIEVE and Quota
          ACTION: Bron to propose Blob draft
          ## Milestone review
          Near term milestones met
          August looks tight for quotas
          s/mime signature validation will be August
          Push s/mime key management to October
          jmap addressbooks to December
          JMAP sieve to IESG milestone: adopt August perhaps December submission
          to IESG based on amount of feedback
          Bron will split blob into two documents - first one for adopt in August
          and submit in December as well.
          ACTION: Bron to update milestones
          Adjourned 1229 UTC

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