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JSON Mail Access Protocol (Active WG)
Art Area: Barry Leiba, Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov | 2017-Mar-16 —  

IETF-105 jmap minutes

Session 2019-07-26 1220-1350: Notre Dame - jmap chatroom


minutes-105-jmap-00 minutes

          JMAP session minutes - IETF 105 Montréal - Friday 26 July 2019 12:20
          Core document (jmap-core)
                  Now published as RFC 8620! (applause)
          Mail document (jmap-mail)
                  Finishing AUTH48; publication imminent!
          Websocket (jmap-websocket) - Ken Murchison
                  Several changes since IETF 104, primarily dealing with push
                  Document seems complete; has been implemented at FastMail
                  ACTION: Chairs, initiate WGLC
          Calendars (jmap-calendars) - Neil Jenkins
                  Closely tied to JSCalendar, which is in WG last call in calext WG
                  Six areas of change discussed:
                          1. /changes: discussed whether recurrences should be
                          expanded ("infinite changes" problem)
                          2. Namespacing: not controversial
                          3. Multi calendars per event: discussed use cases like
                          users who share different
                                  calendars with different people
                          4. Alert push: general sentiment to keep it simple,
                          perhaps add as an extension
                          5. iTIP: Concern about repeating mistakes made on CalDAV;
                          issue with scheduling
                                  on shared calendars
                          6. VAVAILABILITY: Proposed punting to an extension due
                          to complexity, but there
                                  wasn't unanimity on doing so
                  ACTION: Neil Jenkins, start threads on list on these topics to
                  establish rough consensus
          SMIME (jmap-smime) - Alexey Melnikov
                  New draft
                  Discussion of simplifying to only two status results (pass
                  or fail)
                  Should verification of timestamps (for sanity, at least)
                  be included?
                  Should timestamp when the verification was first performed
                  (according to the server)
                  Possible extension to include encryption resulted in concerns
                  about storing
                          private keys on servers. Encryption should probably be
                          a separate draft if done at all.
                  ACTION: Alexey, revise accordingly
          MDN (jmap-mdn) - Raphaël Ouazana
                  Status report on recent changes; little controversy
                  Question whether "mdn" is too short given a global namespace,
                  but it was noted that MDN is
                          already commonly used.

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