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Art Area: Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov, Ben Campbell | 2017-Mar-16 —  

IETF-102 jmap minutes

Session 2018-07-16 1330-1530: Notre Dame - Audio stream - jmap chatroom


minutes-102-jmap-00 minutes

          JMAP IETF102 Minutes - Montreal / 16-Jul-2018 13:30-14:30
          * Error Registry
           - Registry is infrastructure - better to get it in place up front!
           - Chris Newman will write text
          * Push Filtering
           - Keep default behaviour as "push everything for data type"
           - Create an extension for "filtered push" as a separate option
          * Explicit totals
           - We're going to change to "require client to ask for totals"
           - If the client doesn't ask, server MUST NOT send totals, because
             clients often just test against an implementation.
          * Last Call
           - no objections in the room to going to last call after applying
             this current set of changes
          * Group Names
           - lots of discussion, will finalise on the list
          * Splitting out extensions
           - will keep vacation in the mail spec document
             * but with a separate capability, so there's an example
               in the spec of how to do extensions to it.
           - attachment searching is covered by updated text in the spec
             * "search in non-text bodyparts"
             * would be useful to know which MIME bodyparts matched
          * Last Call
           - no objections in the room to going to last call after applying
             this current set of changes
          * Re-charter
           - more likely to succeed if we have an initial set of extensions that
             we plan to work on rather than fully open-ended.
           - will start with what we have now
          * websockets
           - FastMail and Isode are interested
           - Ken to keep working on it
           - wsUrl to be moved under capabilities because there's already a
             registry there, so no namespace clash issues
          * sieve
           - Definite interest
           - Very few clients allow full sieve editing, instead having a more
             simplistic rule builder.
           - Do we want to offer an intermediate format?  (like how JMAP hides
             the full MIME complexity)
           - to be discussed on the list
          * MDN
           - Definite interest
           - Will go to the list for an author
          * single HTML file
           - No demand for it yet, so shelved
           - Question: is there a standard "web archive" format yet?  Should
             that as a way to bundle images, etc.
          * search in attachments
           - see above: non-text body parts
           - it's impossible to get all possible searchable text to match user
             expectation (e.g. OCR of text-like images), so it will always depend
             on what servers can do
           - put text in the spec detailing the user experience behaviour, but don't
             constrain server
          Other Business
          Discussion went back to nulls and groups in the asAddresses
          and nothing was resolved.

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