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JSON Mail Access Protocol (Active WG)
Art Area: Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov, Ben Campbell | 2017-Mar-16 —  

IETF-99 jmap minutes

Session 2017-07-17 1330-1530: Athens/Barcelona - Audio stream - jmap chatroom


minutes-99-jmap-00 minutes

          Topic: "why JMAP"
          Issue: JMAP Mail: keywords
            seems concluded
            action item: register four $XXX keywords for system flags (Chris
                         volunteered to help with IANA considerations)
          discussion, but no objections from attendees
          Issue: JMAP Mail: Submission
            changed to use a more JMAP-ish MessageSubmission object
            ongoing discussion seems close to consensus
            action item: Chris Newman will propose syntax to align better with
                         concern expressed about name "messageid"
          no other objections from attendees about general direction
          Issue: JMAP Mail: Message object & partial body fetch
            no proposal yet
            suggestion to expose IMAP MIME part numbers in attachment list
            discussion that HTTP range is probably not be sufficient
          needs more discussion
          Issue: JMAP Core: extension mechanisms
          needs some work but no significant controversy expressed in room
          Issue: JMAP Core: authentication
            action item: need to split to separate document
            action item: Torsten & Neil will discuss possibility of profiling OAuth
            point: possible interaction with token binding WG
          Issue: JMAP Core: push mechanism
            discussion of Martin's objections to EventSource
            discussion of encryption of push data
          Issue: JMAP Core: "transport"
            HTTP as a tunnel vs. HTTP resources for every object
            long discussion
          Github Tickets
          * changed vs. created in getFooUpdates (issues/78)
          * disallow destroying mailboxes with messages (issues/69)
             some preference expressed to allow delete of mailbox with messages
          * mailboxids property
                  - Chris

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