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IETF-100 ipwave minutes

Session 2017-11-13 1740-1840: Sophia - Audio stream - ipwave chatroom


minutes-100-ipwave-00 minutes

          Minutes of the IPWAVE WG meeting at IETF 100
          MONDAY, November 13, 2017
          1740-1840  Afternoon Session III, Sophia
          Chairs: Carlos J. Bernardos (CB)
          Minute takers: H. Anthony Chan, Alex Petrescu (AP), Jong-Hyouk Lee
          Jabber scribe: Alex Petrescu
          17:40 Administrativia ..............................................
          10 min
                Presenter: Chairs
          CB called the meeting in order.
          The agenda has only 2 presentations with the intention to close these
          2 drafts
          ** IPWAVE WG documents
          17:50 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.11 Networks in mode
                Outside the Context of a Basic Service Set (IPv6-over-80211ocb)
                20 min
                Presenter: Alex Petrescu
                Draft: draft-ietf-ipwave-ipv6-over-80211ocb-11
          AP presented the draft. There are some uresolved issues like:
            - Request or not request the group ID from IANA?
            - Is the use of ND adapted for OCB or not adopted?
              * Sri Gundavelli (SG): group ID is not needed; it has been discussed
              at the
              * SG: why ND is needed?
              * AP: it is an open issue to be discussed.
            - AP presents the overview of changes since the draft version 05. He
              reviewers to look and check at the change log of the draft. He
              presents the
              addressed technical changed by each one.
              * SG recommends not touch about QoS data. He asks the meaning of
              QoS data in
                the draft.
              * AP explains the definition of QoS data in the context of 802.11
              OCB. There
                is no mention of the specific QoS parameters.
              * CB clarifies that it is about the use of 802.11 QoS Data Headers.
            - AP presents the changes about authorship, references, terminology,
              moved sections to Appendix, readability, security. AP says that
              the draft
              addressed all comments received from the 7 reviewers.
              * Charlie Perkins (CP) comments that not defining OBU makes it hard
              to read.
              * AP answers that IETF cannot define OBU (On-Board Unit) because it is
                defined elsewhere. In addition, it is different from the definition
                of OBRU
                (On-Board Router Unit) defined here in IETF.
              * Erik says that the MAC address generation in Appendix F.4 is
              something to
                be corrected in the draft.
              * AP agrees with Erik.
              * CB comments that only 46 bits can be changed when the local bit
              is set.
                There is work on IEEE 802 about privacy that needs to be checked.
              * Suresh Krishnan (SK) sais that he will check.
              * Michelle Wetterwald (MW) asks if dropping the group multicast ID
              is final.
              * CB confirms it is for this document, but nothing prevents this to be
                revisited in the future in a different document.
            - SK comments that the draft does not read like a standard. It
            needs some
              changes such as to how the document is written, not on the
              content. Please check
              with Carlos.
          18:10 IP-based Vehicular Networking: Use Cases, Survey
                and Problem Statement ......................................... 20
                Presenter: Yiwen (Chris) Shen
                Draft: draft-ietf-ipwave-vehicular-networking-00
            - Yiwen Shen (YS) presents the draft.
            - CB asks people to review the draft. Since rechartering discussion is
              expected to take place once the first WG deliverable is sent to IESG,
              it is
              important that this document captures those problems that the WG finds

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