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IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (Active WG)
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IETF-103 ipwave minutes

Session 2018-11-06 1120-1220: Meeting 2 - Audio stream - ipwave chatroom


minutes-103-ipwave-00 minutes

          IPWAVE WG meeting at IETF 103
          TUESDAY, 6 November 2018 at 11:20-12:20, Meeting 2
          Chairs: Russ Housley, Carlos J. Bernardos
          Minute takers: Jong-Hyouk Lee, Carlos J. Bernardos
          Jabber scribe: Russ Housley
          11:20 Administrativia
                Presenters: Russ Housley (RH) and Carlos Bernardos (CB)
          CB bashes the agenda. RH reports on a liaison from ITU-T SG16. CB reports
          on the
          WG status update, with two active WG documents: one about transmission
          of IPv6
          over IEEE802.11-OCB and one on problem statement and survey. The first
          received some comments from 6man and during the session it will be
          discussed if
          changes remain to be done Regarding the PS document, at least 2 additional
          reviews are needed before the document is progressed.
          ** IPWAVE WG documents
          11:35 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.11 Networks  ... 20 min
                in mode Outside the Context of a Basic Service Set
                   Presenter: Nabil Benamar (NB)
                   Draft: draft-ietf-ipwave-ipv6-over-80211ocb-30
          NB presents the slides, highlighting some modifications for comments
          from 6man.
          Erik Nordmark (EN) comments that a sentence in te draft about reliability
          is not
          correct and that unicast transmission is as bad as multicast in
          802.11-OCB, as
          there are no ACKs.
          CB comments that 6man comments should be solved. The current document
          is not
          providing the solved issues. We need another revision of this document.
          Suresh Krishan (SK), AD: The document needs changes; even if it takes
          time, we
          need to do. Authors should go to 6man and address the issues to solve
          all of
          them. SK asks if using an issue tracker could help, but it is decided
          to keep
          using the mailing list.
          EN: all the changes made to address 6man comments should be shown.
          CB asks authors to send an e-mail summarizing how each of the 6man
          reviews have
          been addressed. This needs to be clear to go back to 6man for a second
          11:55  IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (IPWAVE):  .. 20 min
                 Problem Statement and Use Cases
                    Presenter: Jaehoon Paul Jeong (PJ)
                    Draft: draft-ietf-ipwave-vehicular-networking-07
          PK presents the vanet architecture with new link model, v2i, and v2v
          communications. PJ explains that due to the new vehicular wireless
          link model,
          the current ND protocol needed to be extended or improved.
          CB ask for 2 volunteers to review the document. Sri Gundavelli and Charles
          Perkins agree to do it.
          Rahul Jadhav (RJ) comments on link layer and authentication.
          Sri Gundavelli (SG): we do not make a specific solution in this document,
          responding to RJ. It is a high level document.
          Amelia Andersdotter (AA) points the human right review. PJ says that
          they can
          discuss offline about that.
          EN asks if there is any experience in handovers between RSUs, any
          test. PJ responds that no real experience done but experiments in the
          lab and
          ** Additional topics
          12:15 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery for IP-Based Vehicular Networks  ... 5 min
                    Presenter: Jaehoon Paul Jeong (PJ)
                    Draft: draft-xiang-ipwave-vehicular-neighbor-discovery-00
          PJ presents the draft.
          SG comments that the RSU seems to be a layer-2 node.
          PJ replies that it is a layer-3 node.
          SG says that it is not a layer-3 node, that discussion is needed
          SK asks why there are two different documents (the one presented and
          one). PJ responds tha the documents are going to be merged.
          CB comments that it would be good to have a hackathon on ipwave in
          the next
          meeting. Nabil's team has been playing with implementation and PJ's
          teams is
          also willing to participate and collaborate.
          (time permitting)
                Transport Layer Security (TLS) Authentication using ITS  ... 5 min
                ETSI and IEEE Certificates
                    Presenter: Mounira Msahli (MM)
                    Draft: no draft
          MM presents the draft. No questions.

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