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Inter-Domain Routing (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard, Martin Vigoureux | 1994-Aug-15 —  

IETF-101 idr agenda

Session 2018-03-19 1550-1720: Buckingham - Audio stream - idr chatroom


IDR meeting at IETF 101 (version 1) 

Monday,  15:50-17:20 pm,  3/19/2018 

Room: Buckingham  

Chair's administrivia [15:50-16:00] 

0) Agenda bashing and Chair's slides (10) 

Updates on existing drafts [16:00-16:25] 

1) Methods for Detection and Mitigation of BGP Route Leaks [Kotikalapudi Sriram] (10)


2) BGP Link State Extensions for IPv6 Segment Routing(SRv6) [Gaurav Dawra] (5)


3) BGP Signaling of IPv6-Segment-Routing-based VPN Networks [Gaurav Dawra] (10)


[5 minutes for switching] 

New Work [16:30-17:20] 

4) BGP-LS Extension for Inter-AS Topology Retrieval Under Different Scenario [Aijun Wang] (15)


5) BGP Extended Community for Identifying the Target Node [Jie Dong] (10)


6) BGP Link-State Extensions for BGP-only Fabric [Ketan Talaulikar] (10)


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