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Interface to the Routing System (Active WG)
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IETF-99 i2rs agenda

Session 2017-07-18 1550-1750: Berlin/Brussels - Audio stream - i2rs chatroom
Session 2017-07-20 1810-1910: Congress Hall I - Audio stream - i2rs chatroom


I2RS agenda for IETF 99

Tuesday July 18th 

Chairs Status [15:50-16:00] 

Reviewing Models in WG LC  [16:00-16:20] 

1. I2RS Topology Draft changes  [Alex Clemm] 
    Base Topology Draft 
    L3 Topology 
2. I2RS RIB Model [Mach Chen, Susan Hares]  
   WG LC comments 

New Data Models (WG Adoption) [16:30-17:00] 
1) Fabric Data model (WG Adoption called) 
    Review of Models  [TBD] 

2) CU separation information model  [Michael Wang] 

Ephemeral Data store overview [17:00-17:50] 

We will be starting a break-out session for those interesting in creating the 
Ephemeral Datastore.  If you are interested in being a co-author on the datastore, please come to this part of the session. 

Thursday July 20th: 18:10-19:10pm  
Congress Hall I 
Datastore Authoring Session 
We will be taking this time for authors to work on the ephemeral datastore yang module. 
This session will be a working session rather than a presentation session 

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