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Interface to Network Security Functions (Active WG)
Sec Area: Eric Rescorla, Benjamin Kaduk | 2015-Sep-18 —  

IETF-103 i2nsf agenda

Session 2018-11-07 1540-1710: Boromphimarn 4 - Audio stream - i2nsf chatroom


          Interface to Network Service Functions (I2NSF) Working Group
          IETF-103, Bangkok
          Wed Nov 7, 2018
          15:40 - 17:10 (1.5 hours)
          Room: Boromphimarn 4
            Linda Dunbar      linda.dunbar@huawei.com
            Yoav Nir                  ynir.ietf@gmail.com
            Eric Rescorla ekr@rtfm.com
          15:40-15:50 - Agenda bashing, blue sheets, and Note Well
          Document status
          15:50-15:55 I2NSF Hackathon Project - : Jaehoon Paul Jeong
          15:55-16:05 IPsec Flow Protection (20 min): Gabriel López
          16:05- 16:15: Security Risks of sharing IPsec key: Yoav Nir
          Discussion on IPsec optimization in SDWAN environment, especially the  security risks, which are to be included in the document
          16:15-16:45 – WG adopted Data Model & Information Models  discussion
            I2NSF Capability information model draft – Frank Xia
            I2NSF Data Models (15 min) - Presenter: Jaehoon Paul Jeong
           . I2NSF Consumer-Facing Interface YANG Data Model
           . I2NSF Capability YANG Data Model
           . I2NSF Network Security Function-Facing Interface YANG Data Model
           . I2NSF Registration Interface Data Model
          16:45-17:00 :45Individual draft Data Model discussion
          draft-hong-i2nsf-nsf-monitoring-data-model-05: Jaehoon Paul Jeong
          draft-xia-i2nsf-sec-object-dm-01: Qiushi Lin                  
          draft-dong-i2nsf-asf-config-01: Wei Pan                     
          17:00-17:10 - Update on Security Policy Translation Draft 
            [Presenter: Jinyong Tim Kim (10 min)]
          Open Mic

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