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Email mailstore and eXtensions To Revise or Amend (Active WG)
Art Area: Barry Leiba, Murray Kucherawy | 2017-Sep-13 —  

IETF-108 extra minutes

Session 2020-07-30 1100-1240: Room 2 - Audio stream - extra chatroom


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          EXTRA @ IETF 108
          Chairs: Bron Gondwana, Jiankang Yao
          NOTE WELL was presented
          No agenda bashing
          ## IMAP4rev2 - Alexey
          Described changes in -17 since -15
          Bron: will give feedback on list: if OBJECTID also supported, it SHOULD
                include MAILBOXID in all unsolicited LIST responses.
          Open issues:
          ### Backward compatibility with IMAP2bis
          Does anyone do IMAP2 any more?  No known implementations, so agreement
          to drop text that keeps backward compatibility.
          ### Multiple ESEARCH responses?
          Bron/Barry: discussion whether this should be a SHOULD or MUST.
          Agreement that is is "MUST use a single ESEARCH response per request,
          unless specified otherwise in an extension"
          ### No new IMAP system flags?
          Barry: Don’t see benefit to saying this. No change to the draft,
          just remove the comment.
          ### Always required untagged LIST on SELECT/EXAMINE?
          Bron: Single packet anyway, so why not always return it?
          Agreement to update the document to say that.
          ### Allow 64-bit message/body part in FETCH?
          Bron: clients should allow this. Only requires 32 extra bits for size
          field of a body/message.
          Alexey: should probably ask for more opinions on the list.
          ### Miscellany:
          Alexey wants examples for BODYSTRUCTURE (there are buggy implementations).
          Bron: Examples should go into IMAP test tool as well.
          ### Recommended extensions:
          Bron: Have folded Fuzzy Search in as well
          Alexey: the slide doesn’t show IMAP extensions already folded into
          Alexey will send messages to list regarding each of these.
          ### Next steps
          WGLC done, waiting for AD review from Murray.
          ACTION: Bron to issue new WGLC for imap4rev2 -17
          ## QUOTA extension - Alexey
          Changes in WG -02 since -01
          ### IMAP ACL rights
          Implementations need to change a little bit
          ### DELETED status item
          Bron: returning NIL is a reasonable approach if you don’t support the
          resource type. Don’t fail the command with BAD.
          OVERQUOTA syntax
          Issue with allowing “]” in response codes (string could contain
          Bron: Remove them from tags in IMAP4REV2
          Alexey to ask on list.
          Alexey to separately ask about whether people still want ‘OVERQUOTA
          SP tag’ variant of the response code.
          ### Future: any more changes?
          ACTION: Alexey to publish IMAP Quotas revision with current changes,
          Bron will issue WGLC
          ## Sieve-Mailboxid - Bron
          Adds “mailboxid” require option, parameter to fileinto, etc.
          ### Status
          Implemented in Cyrus IMAP for a couple of years, works well.
          ACTION: Jiankang to issue Last Call for sieve-mailboxid
          ## Sieve EAI
          Last call now!
          ## Milestone review
          Still need a sieve-snooze document. Ken will create one, Bron to issue
          call for adoption.
          New milestone for end of year for Submit EAI (currently a personal
          draft). Call for adoption in August.
          Recharter or go quiet for a bit?  We'll decide in December.
          ACTION: Bron to update milestones
          Meeting adjourned 11:43 UTC

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