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IETF-105 dprive minutes

Session 2019-07-25 1550-1720: Viger - Audio stream - dprive chatroom


minutes-105-dprive-00 minutes

          DNS Privacy Exchange (DPRIVE) WG
          IETF 105, Montreal
          2019-07-25 15:50 local time
          Chairs: Brian Haberman and Tim Wicinski
          Suzanne Woolf sitting in for Tim
          Minutes by Paul Hoffman
          Things said on slides or during presentations are not reproduced here
          Chairs introduction
          Using Early Data in DNS over TLS, draft-ghedini-dprive-early-data,
          Alessandro Ghedini
          Stéphane Bortzmeyer: The exmples should be RRtypes
          Karl Henderson: Are there side-channel attacks with replay?
          Alessandro: DKG commented on this earlier, need to add more
          Recommendations for DNS Privacy Service Operators,
          draft-ietf-dprive-bcp-op, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij
          Think they are ready for WG Last Call, but it would be a living document
          Maybe do a -bis in two years
          Paul Hoffman: Chrome will have a TRR, should we wait for that? Not sure.
          Brian: Please read both this one and rfc7626-bis so we can decide when
          to do WG Last Call
          DNS Zone Transfers over TLS, draft-hzpa-dprive-xfr-over-tls, Pallavi
          Aras and Han Zhang
          Draft suggests to reuse the TLS session open instead of opening for each
          XOT-based IXFR
          Wes Hardaker: Glad this is being documented. Are you adding anything new?
          Pallavi: Correct, just new transports
          Willem Toorop: Improves on current AXFR by suggesting better operations
          such as pipelining
          Ben Kaduk: Should always use secure transports for sensitive data
          Doesn't think you need to force TLS 1.3
          Roland: If you keep the session open for multiple XFRs, you will signal
          that there is relationship between the two parties
          Maybe consider making shorter
          Willem: There might not be much of a relationship
          Allison Mankin: Natural proposed standard because it updates current ones
          Daniel Kahn Gillmor: If you use TLS 1.3 you can get the session keys
          for future sessions based on 0RTT
          Padding is useful for confidentiality
          Think of padding as framing for the TLS records
          Wes: Wants "MUST be TSIG protected", but if they don't care what the
          name is, it might be optional
          Pallavi: Actually, want it for the performance
          Sean Turner: Make TLS 1.3 mandatory
          Daniel: Agrees
          DNS Zone Transfer using DNS Stateful Operations,
          draft-zatda-dprive-xfr-using-dso, Willem Toorop and Sara Dickinson
               Matt Pounsett: Definite interest
               It is fine to allow support for TLS, but not require it
          Mattijs Mekking: Could be thousands of subscriptions
          Could be additional features
          Think about the scope of the document
          Supports this work
          Sara: DSO is extensible so can add TLVs later
          Ted Hardie: Question of making TLS optional
          Encrypt at all times
          Require TLS
          Petr Špaček: Doesn't think is should be this one
          Should do a proper transfer protocol
          Not in favor of this at all
          Willem: Almost existing transport
          Daniel: Must be TLS
          Why use TSIG in this? Weird mix of things
          Willem: TSIG is end-to-end, might go through proxies
          TSIG is replayable
          Sets off his warning flags
          Willem: would allow the primary to authenticate the secondary
          Matt: I trust you to transfer this zone and I don't care when you are
          transfering from
          Doesn't care about TLS authentication
          Likes having TSIG for client authentication
          Pallavi: TSIG gives data authenticity
          Wes: Two halves: push notification / secure
          Should be DNSOP, this feels like the wrong place
          Puneet Sood: Agrees with Petr, wants to start from a zone transfer design
          Brian: Will talk with Tim about how to proceed
          Bootstrapping Procedure to Discover and Authenticate DNS-over-(D)TLS
          and DNS-over-HTTPS Servers, draft-reddy-dprive-bootstrap-dns-server,
          Michael Richardson
          Sean: Do you really need a new certificate extension?
          Michael: Yes, for policy, but maybe we need to be in that space
          Michael: Not sure if they even want this adopted yet, maybe too nebulous
          at this point
          Michael was speaking about:
          which is from Thomas Peterson, not Thomas Fossati!
          Deploying DNS-over-TLS on Authoritative Servers,
          draft-hal-adot-operational-considerations, Tim April
          Has a discussion of how to discover if the server is running DoT
          Karl: Also thinking about downgrade prevention

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