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IETF-99 dnssd minutes

Session 2017-07-19 1520-1650: Athens/Barcelona - Audio stream - dnssd chatroom


minutes-99-dnssd-00 minutes

          DNSSD WG
          IETF99, Prague
          Wednesday 19th July 2017
          Athens/Barcelina room 15:20 - 16:50 local time
          Chairs' Introduction
          Chairs, 5 mins
          The dnssd-hybrid draft (now "Discovery Proxy") will be submitted to the
          IESG soon.
          The withdrawn IPR statement on the draft needs to be clarified.
          The .home reference needs to be updated to .home.arpa.
          Ralph Droms is stepping down as co-chair. Looking for a co-chair.
          The WG thanked Ralph for his excellent contributions to the WG as
          DNS-SD Privacy drafts
          Christian Huitema, 20 mins
          We had detailed WGLC reviews by
          - Stephane
          - Ted
          Issue; Use of PSK
          Carsten Boreman (CB): Need secret handshake
          Part of same category
          Ted Lemon (TL):  Concerned about not load on server but caching behavior
          of dnssd client.
              move from 5 minutes to 30 minutes
          Unicast - 5 minutes is fine
          multicast - want longer
          Aanchal Malhotra (AM):  counter or abs time, counter would be better
          CH: can not implement
          Threat Model?
          AM:  5 minutes
          AM: Clock drift? accepts both in a small interval
          CH: Counter
          DT: pulling out into privacy or implementation considerations
          SC: Did not understand the comments from AM - did a lot of work in NTP
          split into two drafts
          - information analysis
          - std track protocol
          Privacy Draft passed WGLC, rady
          Pairing Draft passed WGLC but
           - split analysis spec and QR code
           - need second WGLC for pairing
          TL: did not read sections 2/3, easy to i
          Kerry Lynn (KL): dynamic QR codes for network code.
          Daniel Kaiser: Likes to split drafts
          Split into Two documents:
              10 for - 1 against.  Will check on list.
          QR in separate draft?
          DT: three ways
          - leave as is
          - split into separate documents
          - separate chapter
          7-1-1 for a separate chapter
          DNS-SD Update and New Work Items                                Stuart
          Cheshire, 30 mins
          why non-multicast?
          all waiting on session-signaling
          basically dns update
          David S (DS): fcfs security and naming
          SC: Some manual removal of d
          MA: make simple to user
          SC: key get erased. concern noted
          DT: how to scale to enterprise/campus. If you haven't heard in some time,
          unicast to orignal address asking.
          otherwise garbage collection
          Juliusz Chroboczek (JC):  Can not be implemented if i do not have write
          able persistent storage
          SC: Reg Srvr remember key until reboot. then FCFS
          RD: should be documented in draft
          David Schinazi(DS): what do you do with the "David's Macbook1" ?
          KL: Persistent identifier that might expose info.
          TP: diff between discovery proxy vs discovery broker.
          proxy is 1:1 unicast to multicast
          broker is !:Many unicast to unicast
          DNS-SD Advertising Proxy and Zone Stitching drafts become unnecessary
          as we move away from Multicast DNS
          Toke described his ddns registration implementation
          Multicast DNS Discovery Proxy                                        Ted
          Lemon, 15 mins
          DNS-SD / CoRE RD interoperability discussion                        Kerry
          Lynn, 15 mins
          Resource Discovery and Service Discovery interop
          RD and SD are complementary; RD typically finer-grained
          RD work goes back about 6 years.
          CoRE WG originally intended to work with dnssd, but decided to go in
          its own direction.
          Main output of CoRE is the CoAP protocol
          Multicast RESTful applications are possible.
          Send query, get back set of links that match the query.
          if = interface specification
          rt = resource type
          This is what we'd probably want to export to the SD world, from the RD;
          so that's what the draft discusses
          SC: in that example, the rt, is that registered in iana service type
          CB: two registries, entries under if= and rt=
          DT: potential problem is rt values could have dots in them.
          SC: could in principle escape them; iana service type registry says
          letters, digits, hyphens.
          DT: procedural issue with kerry's example - how safe is it to assume
          that left most label is special
          K: mapping agent could handle, or have a convention.
          SC: Service is entity, has a protocol. Carsten talks about a Resource,
          it's entity you talk to, it has a protocol. Sounds same! So would help
          to figure out why resource is not a service.
          CB: Answer is reason we have the means to identify Resources that are
          worth it
          Summary of actions and close
          Chairs, 5 mins
          The chairs stated that with only a few people having read the new drafts
          by Stuart and Ted it was too early to consider WG adoption.
          1) draft-ietf-dnssd-privacy-02 will be revved from WG feedback to -03
          and sent to IESG; a document shepherd is needed
          2) Confirm the actions on splitting draft-ietf-dnssd-pairing-02 on the
          list, and submit updated draft(s) to include WG feedback
          3) Progress discussion of Stuart and Ted's new drafts on the mail list.
          4) The dnssd WG chairs will discuss a way forward for the DNS Session
          Signalling draft with the dnsop WG chairs
          5) Our AD will solicit expressions of interest for a new co-chair.
          Ralph thanked everyone.
          Meeting closed at 16:57.

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