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Int Area: Suresh Krishnan, Terry Manderson | 2012-Jan-10 —  

IETF-102 dmm minutes

Session 2018-07-17 0930-1200: Van Horne - Audio stream - dmm chatroom


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          DMM Working Group Agenda – IETF102
          Date:  Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
          Time:  9:30-12:00  Tuesday Morning session I
          Location:  Montreal
          Chairs: Dapeng Liu (Alibaba) and Sri Gundavelli (Cisco)
          Title: Administrivia & Intro, WG organization & milestones
          Time: 15 minutes
          Description: Agenda, Note-taker negotiation and WG Progress Update
          Presenters: Chairs
          [Chair] Need volunteers to review FPC draft. 
          Topic Name: FPC Update
          Presenter: Lyle Bertz
          Time: 10 minutes
          Draft Reference: https://www.ietf.org/id/draft-ietf-dmm-fpc-cpdp.txt
          [Lyle] 40 slides are presented in 10min. Not much change from recent
          revisions. Dealt with NMDA guideline.
          [Chair] What about FPC open source status? 
          [Lyle] Current version has been implemented in ODL.
          Topic Name: PMIPv6 extensions for DMM
          Presenter: Carlos J. Bernardos
          Time: 10 minutes
          Draft Reference: https://www.ietf.org/id/draft-ietf-dmm-pmipv6-dlif.txt
          [Carlos] Utilizes PMIP for DMM. Need reviews. 
                          Danny and Lyle will voluntieer for review.
          Topic Name: SRv6 Mobile User Plane
          Presenter Name: Pablo Camarillo
          Time: 5 minutes
          Draft Reference:
          [Pablo] Small updates on this version. 
          [Chair: Sri] How much work remained?
          [Pablo] Not so much.
          [Chair: Dapen] OSS implementation?
          [Pablo] There is. The use case draft submitted on last Sunday shows
          places where it will be deployed.
          [Chair: Sri] Is there any feedback from 3GPP on the I-D
          [Satoru] Not specifically on the I-D but there's feedback on analysys.
          [Chunshan] There's new functions defined which CT4 hasn't dealt with. The
          I-D need to take it into account.
          Topic Name: Distributed Mobility Anchoring
          Time:  5 minutes           
          Presenter: Carlos J. Bernardos 
          [Carlos] Now the I-D looks stable after the reviews by Marco. Other
          [Chair: Dapen] Need to align with the solution drafts.
          Topic name: Status Update on reviews of
          Presenter: Danny Moses
          Time: 5 minutes
          Draft Reference:
          [Danny] Short updates from feecback after WGLC.
          [??] IP continuity is much suitable on issue#1 IP session concept.
          [Brian] Need description to make sure people who doesn't have context
          to be understand.
          [Danny] Next step is update the I-D.
          Topic Name: Mobility-aware Floating Anchor (MFA)
          Presenter: Marco Liebsch
          Time: 10 minutes
          Draft Reference:
          [Marco] Explain concept of correspoing edge. Feedback on 
          [Chair] Who read the I-D? a few. Need to keep discussion on ML.
          Topic Name:  Discussion on liaison from 3GPP CT4 group
          Presenter:  Satoru Matsushima / Chairs
          Time: 5 minutes
          Liaison Reference: https://datatracker.ietf.org/liaison/1572/
          https://datatracker.ietf.org/liaison/1586/ (To be revised)
          [Satoru] Thank to a lot of effort on this in IETF side. As 3GPP requests
          any info on UP protocol to figure out criteria and candidate protocols,
          the LS contents looks appropriated.    
          [Dave] It includes non-WG documents which are not clear when it comes
          to LS contents.
          (will followup the discusion later)
          Topic Name: User Plane Protocol and Architectural Analysis on 3GPP
          5G System 
          Presenter: Shunsuke Homma
          Time: 15 minutes
          Draft Reference:
          [Shunsuke] Present summary of the outcome from the analysis and introduce
          feedback from 3GPP CT4.
                          Next step is update the I-D based on feeback. Intend to
                          be a part of LS reply. 
          [Arashmid] That looks basic ground work.
          [Dave] There is issue on this.
          [Chair: Sri] How many people read the I-D? good number in the room. Keep
          discussion on ML.
          Topic Name: Optimized Mobile User Plane Solutions for 5G
          Presenter: Arashmid Akhavain 
          Time: 15 minutes
          Draft Reference: 
          [Arashmid] Present overview and SRv6 part as a candidate protocol.
          [Hannu] Clarify service chaining on which interface? 
          [Arashmid] N9. it is funciton chaining in general. not specific on
          service chaining on N6.
          [Alberto] Present LISP and ILA parts
          [Dino] Followup on LISP which involves not only on N9, but also on N3
          and N6.
          Topic Name: Co-existence of 3GPP 5GS and Identifier Locator Separation
          Presenter Name: Shunsuke Homma
          Time: 10 mins
          I-D: https://www.ietf.org/id/draft-homma-dmm-5gs-id-loc-coexistence.txt
          [John] How to make sure reverse path, i.e, DL.
          [Shunsuke] The solution utilizes UL only.
          [Dino/Arashimid] Need to describe the mapping system.
          [Dino] Ask to the chair, how many candidates we bring to CT4, less
          or more?
          [Georg] Study item is second priority so not to expect too much.on
          3GPP. Need to contribute to CT4 directly if your work is important.
          Topic name: Transport Network aware Mobility for 5G
          Presenter: Uma Chunduri
          Time: 5 minutes
          Draft Reference:
          [Uma] Propose new NF to integrate the transport of UPlane.
          Topic Name: Anchor-less Mobility with Hybrid ICN
          Presenter Name: Luca Muscariello / Jordan Augé
          Time: 10 minutes
          Draft Reference: https://www.ietf.org/id/draft-auge-dmm-hicn-mobility.txt
          [Jordan] Overview and benefits of hICN.
          Topic name: SRv6 for Mobile User-Plane PoC’s
          Presenter name: Lyle Bertz
          Time: 5 minutes
          Draft:  https://www.ietf.org/id/draft-camarillo-dmm-srv6-mobile-pocs.txt
          [Mark] Introduce SRv6 Mobile UPlane iimplementaion and outcomes in
          MCORD project.
          Topic Name: SRv6 POC Update
          Presenter: Arashmid Akhavain 
          Time: 5 minutes
          Draft Reference:  None
          [Arashmid] Utilizes OAI code for SRv6 Mobile UPlane PoC. 
          16. Meeting Closure

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