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Art Area: Alexey Melnikov, Alissa Cooper, Ben Campbell | 2009-Apr-14 —  

IETF-98 dispatch agenda

Session 2017-03-27 0900-1130: Zurich A - Audio stream - dispatch chatroom


          DISPATCH Agenda IETF 98 v3
          Status Update
          * introduce new AD
          BOF Update
          * Update on important BOFs or new WG you need to know about
          ICE PMTUD
          * draft-petithuguenin-dispatch-rtp-pmtud-00 - 10 minĀ  (Marc)
          * discussion - 10 min (everyone)
          Web Linking (Revision of 5988)
          * draft-nottingham-rfc5988bis and charter - 10 min (Mark)
          * See bottom of agenda for proposed charter
          * discussion - 20 min (everyone)
          * brief summary of problem - 10 min (John)
          * discussion - 20 min (everyone)
          Q850 Reason Location
          * draft-jesske-dispatch-reason-loc-q850 - 10 min (Roland)
          * discussion - 10 min ( everyone)
          Area Meeting Topics / Open Mic ( 5 min time permitting)
          * email chairs if you have something that is critical to go here
          Proposed Charter for Web Linking
          WG Name: 5988bis
          Acronym: 5988bis
          Area: ART
          Area Director: TBD
          Chair: TBD
          RFC5988 "Web Linking" has seen extensive deployment since publication.
          Since that time, various clarifications, corrections and operational issues have
          been noticed.
          This Working Group will publish a "bis" document for RFC5988, focusing
          on clarifying the document and registry operation.
          Its focus will be on preserving interoperability with existing deployments of
          web linking, especially the `Link` HTTP header fields, HTML5 and Atom. Changes
          that are backwards-incompatible with RFC5988 are acceptable, provided that the
          Working Group judges there is sufficient motivation, and that such changes do
          not break compatibility with Web linking as widely deployed.
          The only deliverable of this Working Group is a RFC5988bis document.
          Topics that are out of scope for this Working Group include:
          * Defining new features, capabilities or registries
          * Defining new link relation types
          * Defining new target attributes
          * Defining new link serializations
          The Working Group will use draft-nottingham-rfc5988bis-04 as a starting point
          for its work. Doing so does not imply consensus on the contents of that
          ## Milestones
          Chartering+3 months -- Submit RFC5988bis to IESG for consideration as a
          Standards-Track document

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