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CURves, Deprecating and a Little more Encryption (Active WG)
Sec Area: Eric Rescorla, Kathleen Moriarty | 2015-Dec-18 —  

IETF-99 curdle minutes

Session 2017-07-17 0930-1200: Congress Hall III - Audio stream - curdle chatroom


minutes-99-curdle-01 minutes

          Document Status:
          CMS / Kerberos to IESG
          PKIX needs work
          SSH one in last call.
          RC4-die-die-die awaiting adoption
          Draft to consider is the SSH key exchange
          Diffie Hellman NIST P256 / When 25519 is deployed everywhere, can change.
          Keep as should not Should- until 25519 is deployed everywhere.
          EKR: Also puzzled by NIST curves. Fine to say NIST unloved.
          Deprecating not justified technically
          Deb Cooley NSA: Diffie hellman group choices in the drafts are
          Martin: Choices are the ones with normative language attached,
          the others merely exist.
          EKR: Reason for SHA512 over 256 is risk of Grovers algorithm collisions.
          Would be good if IETF said our theory on Quantum Crypto is X.
          Tero: The normative language listed on slides is only for SHOULD-
          and above, anything else is MAY
          PHB: Quantum Crypto is for IRTF
          EKR: We should have an agreement on 256 bits being good enough for
          indefinite future.
          Martin Thompson: 256 bits for now, may change in future.
          Tero: Don’t go from Must to Must Not, better Must to Should Not.
          Problematic because it breaks backwards compatibility.
          Rich Salz: Is consensus P256 OK
          Deb: ecdh-sha2-nistp256 should not be Should- should be at least a SHOULD
          EKR: just swap plus and minus on ecdh-sha2-nistp256 ecdh-sha2-nistp384
          Deb: Just get rid of plus and minus.
          Charter discussion
          Table of work.
          Are we done?
          Kerberos missing Ed25519
          Deb: Shouldn’t that be done in kitten
          Anon: Kitten should be run over. Chair said please do in Curdle.
          Martin Thompson: Jose fine, some interest in Web Crypto X25519 and X448.
          No reason we can’t do it. Interfaces with W3C Web crypto.
          [Search for a volunteer]
          Yoav: SSH Chacha Poly already exists in code.
          PHB: May have JOSE code.

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