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Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission (Active WG)
Art Area: Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov, Ben Campbell | 2015-Nov-20 —  

IETF-99 cellar agenda

Session 2017-07-21 0930-1130: Berlin/Brussels - Audio stream - cellar chatroom


          IETF 99
          July 21, 2017
          10 min  Administrivia
          60 min State of the proposed standards:
                  FFV1 - Jerome Martinez
                  Matroska - Steve Lhomme
                  FLAC - Andrew Weaver
          20 min  Next steps in the IETF pipeline
          20 min Coordinating future work, outreach
          10 min Jimi Jones, An Analysis of Two Video Digitization Standards and Their Development Environments

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