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Art Area: Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov, Ben Campbell | 2011-Jun-28 —  

IETF-99 cdni minutes

Session 2017-07-17 1740-1840: Berlin/Brussels - Audio stream - cdni chatroom


minutes-99-cdni-02 minutes

          CDNI Working Group Minutes
          IETF-99, Prague, Czech Republic
          - Chaired by Kevin Ma (remote) and Phil Sorber (on behalf of Francois
          Le Faucheur)
          - Meeting notes captured by Magnus Westerlund and Kevin J. Ma, edited
          by Kevin J. Ma
          - Audio Recording at:
          - Slides at: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/99/materials.html
          Chair slides (Kevin J. Ma)
          - A large number of RFCs published (RFC7937, RFC7975, RFC8006, RFC8007,
          RFC8008) since last meeting (Berlin).
          - One milestone open, URI signing.
          - Three new Errata filed on Control Interface Triggers based on external
          review by the Streaming Video Alliance.
          - Beyond WG milestones: Three topics being discussed.  HTTPS delegation
          being discussed today.
          URI Signing (Phil Sorber)
          - 2 revs since last meeting (Berlin)
          - Move to JWT complete. Merge of HAS support complete.
          - Plan to merge 2 Pull Requests. After that ready for WGLC. Four thumbs
          - Kevin: agreeing on going forward; will start shepherd review in
          HTTPS delegation (Frederic Fieau)
          - Update adding ACME * proposal, looking at CDNI Metadata for booth-strap
          - Next step: add sub-cert, oob, and possibly lurk support and discuss
          - Sanjay Mishra: slide 2, typo START -> STAR.
          - Kevin: sent some comments on the metadata objects to the list. Question,
          should sub-certs be combined with ACME, or is it own object.
          - Emile Stephane: have a registry and different metadata sets for the
          different methods in the same draft for now.
          - Sanjay: will add sub-cert details, based on current sub-cert draft
          - Asking for adoption. Kevin, saying a bit premature. Want to see how
          next draft develops and how it relates to sub-certs and STAR progresses
          and their needs. Will start talking to AD about what is needed for
          Any Other Business
           Lijuan (Rachel) Chen, Huawei presenting Ideas on Access network CDNs
           - New Business Model for CDN SaaS (CDN Service Provider) vs [PaaS, IaaS]
           (Network Operator)
           - Sanjay: what are looking for CDNI WG to do?
             Rachel: Current CDNI interconnect between CDN service provider
             interconnect is not sufficient. Discuss how one can enlarge the
             marketspace/capabilities. New direction for CDNs and CDNI.
           - Emile: does your solution reuse existing CDNI interfaces?
             Rachel: Will consider existing interfaces, but first consider a
             business model innovation, then capabilities.
           - Michael Kreipl(?): are you trying to solve a business model problem
           with a technical solution?
             Rachel: Both. The story, needs to make sense. Then we can discuss
           - Kevin: business models are not really our scope. If there are new
           technical requirements on CDNI then it can make sense. Please write a
           draft that explains how CDNI relates to the idea, and what gaps that
           exist. CDNI interfaces can be used for intra-CDN, but it is definitely
           out-of-scope of the charter and would require re-chartering.
             Rachel: The idea does not break/stray from CDNI, but looks for deeper
           - Yue (Michael) Yin: we can submit a draft with use cases and problem
           statement. CDNI should focus on new technical questions, to see if we
           can expand the existing interfaces.
          Session Closed at 18:23

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