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Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard, Martin Vigoureux | 2004-Jun-02 —  

IETF-106 bfd minutes

Session 2019-11-19 1710-1840: VIP A - Audio stream - bfd chatroom


minutes-106-bfd-00 minutes

          Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (bfd)
          IETF-106, Singapore
          Tuesday 17:10
          Minutes taker, Xiao Min.
          Chairs update - see slides.
          - BFD for vxlan, presented later.
          - BFD for large packets, presented later.
          - BFD yang documents needed small change to accommodate BFD Unsolicited
            Reshad has sent update to RFC editor.
          - BFD authentication documents.  We have weak, but positive direction
          to send
            those to IESG.
          - Work deferred on BFDv2/extensions until next IETF.  Seeking commentary
            IESG regarding charter discussion.
          BFD for vxlan - presented by Greg Mirsky:
          - Cover known open issues.
          - Main discussion remains on target addresses and whether to use the 127/8
            addresses always, or to permit implementations to deviate from that.
            + Interoperability issues are known when they're not consistent.
            + There are existing implementations that don't use 127/8.
            + A SHOULD is required here, along with discussion about not doing
            it this
              way in the security considerations.  (E.g. cut and paste from RFCs
          - Demand mode requires no additional text.
          - Echo mode is out of scope.
          - Once the above has been updated in the draft, we'll send to IESG.
          BFD for large packets - presented by Jeff Haas:
          - Presentation given, see slides.
          - Additional operational considerations integrated.
          - Need additional text covering S-BFD.
          - Will send back to group for continuing WGLC after this has been done.
          One-Armed BFD - presented by Weiqiang Cheng:
          - Presentation given, see slides.
          - Technology largely (completely?) overlaps TR-146 from BBF.
          - TR-146 has a number of errors.
          - Does BBF have IPR on this mechanism?
          - Comparison to LSP self-ping
          - Matthew Bocci points that we don't have any rate negotiation we can
          do here.
            + Weiqiang responds that for low rate, we can verify connectivity,
            and maybe
              low-grade link quality metrics.
          - Greg Mirsky rightly points out this only works single-hop, and that
            of echo packets may need to be discussed.  Exactly what can we
            measure using
            this technique?
          - Robert Raszuk (jabber) asks about spoofing.
            + Greg had noted single hop.
            + Jeff: Sender would have to ensure packet contents provide security.
          - We will need to followup on this on the mailing list.

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