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IETF-100 babel minutes

Session 2017-11-16 1810-1910: Bras Basah - Audio stream - babel chatroom


minutes-100-babel-00 minutes

          IETF 100: BABEL Working Group
          Raffles City Convention Center, Singapore
                   Thursday, 16 November 2017.
                   18:10 - 19:10 Bras Basah Room
          Chairs:  Russ White (LinkedIn)
                   Donald Eastlake (Huawei)
          Minutes: Barbara Stark
          Jabber:  Ted Lemon
          [times below are as scheduled, not as actually taken]
             5 min.  Administrativia (scribes), Agenda Bashing, Chairs
             5 min.  Status, Review of Milestones, Chairs
            10 min.  Update on RFC6126bis and Source Specific drafts.
                        David Schinazi
            15 min.  Security.              Juliusz Chroboczek
            10 min.  BIER in IPv6           Zheng (Sandy) Zhang
             5 min.  Wrap-Up, Chairs
          Agenda and Status
          Donald presented.
          The Babel Routing Protocol (draft-ietf-babel-rfc6126bis) is in
          WG LC. That ends tomorrow.
          Update on RFC6126bis and Source Specific drafts
          David Schinazi presented.
          Tony Przygienda: With mandatory bits you have proven your
          intelligence.  There were no other comments or questions on this
          Juliusz Chroboczek presented remotely.
          David: I really prefer DTLS secuirty to RFC 7298 security. You can
          bootstrap with symmetric keys or whatever you want. It eases the trust
          model, which is needed by the HOMENET WG. Regarding MTI [Mandatory To
          Implement], I would be mostly against that. When running over IPsec,
          it doesn't make sense. But could make MTI in homenet.
          Ted Lemon: One thing that came up in a discussion was that you're
          using multicast for link quality detection.
          Juliusz: Yes.
          Ted: Have you looked at how things have changed in DTLS 1.3?
          Juliusz: No.
          Ted: If significant differences between DTLS 1.2 and 1.3, then maybe
          standardize on 1.3.
          Stephen Farrell: Standardizing on 1.3 would probably be cleaner. On
          MTI, there is a BCP that says you must have MTI security
          recommendation.  But you would probably get pushback.
          Juliusz: First we need a solid proposal and solid implementation. We
          can discuss MTI after that.
          David: Responding to Ted's point. As far as I know, changes from 1.2
          to 1.3 would not make big difference.
          Ted: What I remember is that 1.3 may be a little easier.
          Stephen: A profile for 1.3 might be smoother because it's better
          Barbara: My understanding is that 1.3 deprecated many mechanisms. It
          may be good to consider. Most of the underlying mechanisms --
          handshakes, etc. -- didn't change.
          Barbara: Would you suggest holding off on finalizing the homenet
          profile until we have a security recommendation?
          Juliusz: Never.
          BIER in IPv6
          Zheng (Sandy) Zhang presented.
          Juliusz: I read the draft and think it's good.
          Juliusz: One thing. We now have multiple encapsulations of BIER. How
          do I know which encapsulation to use? E.g., IPv6 or BABEL?
          Tony P: It is architecturally unspecified. If there are multiple, I
          can run per link whichever I choose. We can easily migrate from this
          sort of hack to a solution with an Ethertype. It's a solution without
          a distinction.
          Juliusz: We will take this offline.
          Tony P: I know on both sides the binding exists and you can choose
          which encapsulation to use. But, yes, we can take it offline.
          Donald: That is the end of the agenda items. We will see people on the
          list and at the next meeting in London in March.

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