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Babel routing protocol (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard, Martin Vigoureux | 2016-Jun-17 —  

IETF-102 babel agenda

Session 2018-07-17 0930-1200: Saint-Paul/Sainte-Cath. - babel chatroom


          Fairmont, The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Quebec
                   Tuesday, 17 July 2018
                   09:30 - 12:00 Sait-Paul/Sait-Catherine Room
          Chairs:  Russ White (LinkedIn)
                   Donald Eastlake (Huawei)
          Area Director: Martin Vigoureux (Nokia)
             5 min.  Administrativia (scribes), Agenda Bashing, Chairs
             5 min.  Status, Review of Milestones, Chairs
            20 min.  HMAC in Babel, Juliusz Chroboczek
            15 min.  DTLS in Babel, David Schinazi
             4 min.  Babel Security in Homenet, Barbara Stark
            15 min.  Babel information Model, Barbara Stark
            10 min.  Milestones revision, Chairs
             5 min.  Wrap-Up, Chairs

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