xml2rfc validator

This validator does up to 4 passes on the uploaded XML document:

  1. Preprocessing:
    1. Change references to the DTD to point to my local copy.
    2. Change parameter entity references (which only belong in DTDs themselves) into general entity references (the right way to include references if you're not using <?rfc include=''?> by removing the '%' after 'ENTITY'.
  2. Expand <?rfc include=''?> processing instructions, if present. Note that this step can change line numbers by reformatting the XML.
  3. Check, using xmllint, against the RFC2629(bis) DTD (currently using the DTD released with xml2rfc 1.32, January 7, 2007). This checks both that the XML is well-formed and that it matches the DTD. Any external entities are loaded during this phase.
  4. Check, using a funky xsl transform, additional issues that just checking against the DTD can't, e.g., If you can think of more checks that might be useful, please let me know.

Note that by default, XML submitted gets archived to help Bill with his tool development. If you don't want to allow this, please select the checkbox below.

it is NOT OK for Bill to use this document for tool development