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Routing Research Group (RRG)

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(Proposed) Friday, Mar. 26, 2010
Anaheim, California

Past Meetings

Prague (3/17/07): Agenda
Chicago (7/2/07): Agenda
Vancouver (12/3 & 12/7/07): Agenda
Philadelphia (3/11 & 3/14/08): Agenda
Dublin (8/1/08): Agenda
Minneapolis (11/16/08): Agenda
San Francisco (3/27/09): Agenda
Stockholm (7/31/09): Agenda
Hiroshima, Japan (11/13/2009): Agenda

December 2009: Proposals Submitted to RRG for Recommendation Consideration

  1. 2-phased mapping for Internet core/edge split schemes

Wei Zhang

  1. Aggregation with Increasing Scopes: An Evolutionary Path Towards Global Routing Scalability

Paul Francis, Dan Jen, Dan Massey, Robert Raszuk, Lan Wang, Xiaohu Xu, Beichuan Zhang, Lixia Zhang

  1. Enhanced Efficiency of Mapping Distribution Protocols in Map-and-Encap Schemes
  2. Sriram, Young-Tak Kim, Doug Montgomery
  3. Global Locator, Local Locator, and Identifier Split (GLI-Split)

Michael Menth, Matthias Hartmann, Dominik Klein

  1. hIPv4

Patrick Frejborg

  1. Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)

Ran Atkinson

  1. Ivip

Robin Whittle

  1. Layered Mapping System (LMS)

Sun Letong, Yin Xia, Wang Zhiliang, Wu Jianping

  1. LISP

Vince Fuller, Dino Farrinacci, David Meyer and Darrel Lewis

  1. Mapping system based on Compact Routing

Hannu Flinck

  1. Name-Based Sockets

Christian Vogt

  1. Name Overlay(NOL)

Yangyang Wang

  1. RANGI

Xiaohu XU

  1. Routing and Addressing in Next-Generation EnteRprises (RANGER)

Fred Templin

  1. Tunneled Inter-domain Routing (TIDR)

Juan Jose Adan


(Old) Proposal Summaries

Six/One Router -- Design and Motivation
Design Taxonomy and Analysis for Address-Indirection-Based Routing Scalability Improvements
LISP Analysis
DNS Map - A DNS-Based Resolution System for IP Address Mappings
A Dynamic Internetworking Architecture (DYNA)
Ivip Conceptual Summary and Analysis
Tunneling Route Reduction Protocol Conceptual Summary and Analysis (PDF)
APT: A Practical Tunneling Architecture
V6DH IPv6 Dual Homing Conceptual Summary and Analysis
TAMARA concept summary

Active Proposals


Reconsidering the Internet Routing Architecture


APT: A Practical Transit-Mapping Service (07/11)
APT is part of eFIT architecture (07/08)
eFIT Slides (07/03)


Shrinking and Controlling Routing Table Size


LISP Map Server
LISP Alternative Topology (LISP-ALT)
Interworking LISP with IPv4 and IPv6
LISP Mapping Versioning
LISP Mobility Architecture
LISP for Multicast Environments

LISP-TREE: A DNS Hierarchy to Support the LISP Mapping System
On the Cost of Caching Locator/ID Mappings
LISP Analysis

LISP (obsolete)

LISP-CONS: A Content distribution Overlay Network Service for LISP
NERD: A Not-so-novel EID to RLOC Database
LISP-DHT: Toward a DHT to map identifiers onto locators (Summary and Analysis)
Original LISP-DHT Draft


IP with virtual Link eXtension (IPvLX)
Recommendation to advace RFC4214 to standards-track


Internet vastly improved plumbing


Six/One Router -- Design and Motivation

Design Taxonomy and Analysis for Address-Indirection-Based Routing Scalability Improvements

Six/One Router - A Scalable and Backwards-Compatible Solution for Provider-Independent Addressing and IPv4/IPv6 Interworking

Six/One Router Specification
Detailed specification of the Six/One Router protocol

Six/One: A Solution for Routing and Addressing in IPv6
High-level protocol specification of Six/One? (draft-vogt-rrg-six-one)

Six/One - A combined host/network-based solution for edge network multi-homing
Presentation at the IRTF Routing research group meeting on July 27, 2007, Chicago

Proxy Support for Six/One
Transition and interworking techniques for flexible, incentives-driven, and backward-compatible Six/One? deployment

The Path to Six/One - Incentives, Backward-Compatibility and Deployment Flexibility
Presentation at the IRTF Routing research group meeting on December 3, 2007, Vancouver




Tunneling Route Reduction Protocol
Conceptual Summary and Analysis (PDF)

Design Goals

Internet draft
Design Goals

Background Reading

Scaling issues w/routing & multihoming
RAWS workshop report
RAWS workshop presentations
RiNG project reading list

Research Papers on Scalable Routing

HLP: A Next-generation Interdomain Routing Protocol


ROFL: Routing on Flat Labels


Related Call for Papers / Workshops

Call for Papers - Routing in Next Generation Workshop - 13-14 December 2007 - Madrid (Spain)
Routing in Next Generation Workshop

Related Activities

RiNG (Routing in Next Generation) Project