* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

Tracker Notifications

You will get messages for drafts where you are the shepherding AD, whenever a state change occurs in the tracker. These are pretty self-explanatory but often (e.g. New Version or Last Call Ended) they are a call to action.

If a new version is posted and there are oustanding DISCUSSes, the notification message will also go to the "discussing" ADs. Sometimes they will be nice guys and immediately look at the new draft to see if their concern has been resolved. But to be certain, most ADs send a specific message to the discussing ADs to ask for their attention to the new version. In the best case, they are happy and can immediately clear their DISCUSS. In the worst case, loop back to DiscussResolving.

Henrik's diff tool is very useful at this moment in life, to get a quick look at the changes.

When notified that a Last Call has ended, the PROTO shepherd (or if there isn't one, the AD) needs to review and summarize the public comments received. Then he or she must decide if there is IETF consensus to proceed (i.e. only editorial changes are needed) or whether the WG needs to resolve the comments. The document will then go forward to the IESG, or back to the WG (or authors) with the summary, accordingly.

All tracker notifications are sent to the shepherding AD and to whoever the AD has listed in the "State or Version Change Notice To:" box in the Detail Info page for the draft. Thus, it's very important to put relevant addresses in that box when adding a draft to the tracker. Authors and WG Chairs are normally needed there.