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The Secretariat has many duties, which have been codified in a Statement of Work. Formal responsibility for the business relationship with the Secretariat goes via IASA (IesgIasa).

The IESG interacts with the Secretariat constantly - quite often centered on the I-D tracker as a shared tool, or through the formal content of the IESG agenda. If neither of these mechanisms applies, and whatever personal connections an AD may have with the staff, it's always best to use the ticket system (IssueTracking). This prevents things getting lost. But a please and a thankyou always helps, and the secretariat doesn't work nights, weekends or holidays. There is an emergency phone number in the address book for IT failures.

If an AD (or anyone else) thinks that we are missing a tool, a good place to start is by checking the Tools Team site and if there is nothing suitable there, writing to tools-discuss@ietf.org. Because it costs money to get new tools implemented by the Secretariat, there's a Tools Management Committee run by the IAD that looks at tool proposals. However, the Tools Team always welcomes ideas and code.