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IESG Retreat for 2016


May 10-12, 2016


EMC Corporation
11 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA
| Map
Meeting Room: Collaboration Center, 1st floor (more like mezzanine level, up one set up stairs)


We reject kings, presidents, and voting, and believe in rough consensus, running code, and beer (and wine!).

Provide much-needed time together - the informal parts are often the most important ones.

Meet with locals and world outside.

Looking at topics that are either inward-looking (training, process), organisational, Internet governance related, or technical.


Location: EMC Corporation, Collaboration Center

Monday, May 9: 2000- Informal dinner at | Legal Seafoods (anyone who is on site already, optional)

Tuesday, May 10: 1200-; working lunch, meeting, visit to MIT, and dinner

  • 1200 Welcome, lunch, and getting organised (Jari)
  • 1300 Does IETF consensus trump DEs (Benoit)
  • 1315 ISE evolution (Suresh)
  • 1345 IESG statement on IPv4 (Terry)
  • 1430 visit to MIT (Kathleen)
    • 15:00-15:30 ML Overview: Joost Bonsen
    • 15:30-16:00 Changing Places: Carson Smuts
    • 16:00-16:30 Responsive Environments: Brian Mayton
    • 16:30-17:00 Fluid Interfaces: Valentin Heun
  • 1730 IETF sustainability (Alia)
  • 1830 Out of area wg shuffle (Stephen)
  • 1900 end
  • 19:30 First IESG dinner at EVOO (walking distance, private dining room) | Map.

Wednesday May 11: full day of meetings followed by a social event and dinner

  • 0830 Coffee & tea available (no breakfast at EMC)
  • 0900 open space style discussion on IETF practical issues
    • Some initial topics, feel free to suggest more: Sunday schedules/Benoit, plenary mics/Jari, author number limits, new-work/Spencer, ...
  • 1030 Tech topic 1: Cryptowars 3/Keys Under Doormats (Kathleen, Jeff SChiller from MIT, former SecAD)
  • 1130 Lunch and free time for team work (all)
  • 1330 Tech topic 2: Bluetooth and IETF interactions (Alissa, Mark Powell and Marcel Holtmann from Bluetooth SIG)
  • 1500 Internet consolidation trend (Stephen, Jari)
  • 1530 Mentoring and edu (Alissa, Nalini)
  • 1600 Parking lot
    • Discuss criteria refresh (Alexey)
  • 1715 End
  • 1715-2000 Social event - take van to Boda Borg
  • 2030 - Second IESG dinner, across the street at All Seasons Table then take van back to Kendall Hotel

Thursday May 12: full day of meetings until 4pm

  • 1000 Problem statements and other harmless but useless drafts (Benoit and Alvaro)
  • 1040 Reducing IETF practical reliance on meetings (Spencer and Stephen)
  • 1110 Tech topic 3: where are we with perpass and making privacy better in the internet? (Stephen)
  • 1140 Tech topic 4: where are we with marnew? (Spencer and Jari)
  • 1210 Lunch
  • 1250 Institutionalizing privacy expertise/review in the IETF (Alissa, Stephen and Kathleen)
  • 1320 Nomcom instructions and descriptions (Alexey)
  • 1350 Parking lot
    • Sponsorship models for "independent" (not working for big companies) ADs (Alexey)
    • Previous retreats, promises, and reporting back to the community on them (Benoit)
    • Further discussion on EDU and mentoring
  • 1530 Wrap up
  • 1600 End

On Wednesday there is a few hours reserved for free form work, people could work in small teams, prepare proposals for the remainder of the event, etc.

We will run parts of the meeting in “unconference” or “open space” style.


Feel free to add here:

  • Evaluation of where we are with RFC formats (SCHEDULED)
  • Author number limits and auth48 (SCHEDULED)
  • Benoit: Sunday organization: Welcome reception at 6PM, to avoid the overlap the new comers reception and the end of the tutorial? Overlap with EDU and mentoring (SCHEDULED)
    • Stephen: "newcomer" is just the wrong term... discuss:-)
  • Alissa: Would be good to either broaden the above topic out to include mentoring program more generally or have mentoring as a separate topic. What's working, what's not, what can be improved/expanded in the future. Would suggest we schedule a slot where Nalini can join remotely and then a follow-up slot where we discuss amongst ourselves. (SCHEDULED)
  • Stephen: Out of area WG shuffle - this should be a regular IESG retreat topic and we should do homework - which WGs would be better off with some out-of-area AD, or with returning to an AD from their area? I think we should decide that it is a goal to do some shuffling each year, if for no other reason than to preserve the flexibility to shuffle when needed since if we don't exercise that muscle, it'll atrophy. (SCHEDULED)
  • Jari: IETF sustainability discussion, any areas where IESG could take useful steps? (SCHEDULED)
  • Jari: Plenary open mic arrangements and improvements thereof. (SCHEDULED)
  • Benoit/Alvaro?: prob statement, use cases, requirements, architecture drafts and HBU (Harmless But Useless) (SCHEDULED)
  • Spencer/Stephen?: We're seeing a fair amount of traffic on various mailing lists that includes variations on "yeah, we know that in theory, the IETF makes all its decisions on mailing lists, but in practice, that's not true", and the first derivative "yeah, we know that in theory, you don't have to attend face-to-face meetings, but in practice, that's not true/really difficult/not realistic for new participants". Is there anything we can do or say, that would be helpful? (SCHEDULED)
  • Alexey: instructions and descriptions for the NomCom? (SCHEDULED)
  • Suresh: ISE evolution (SCHEDULED)
  • Terry: IESG statement on IPv4 (SCHEDULED)
  • Stephen: perpass related stuff update (SCHEDULED)
  • Spencer/Jari/Stephen/Alissa/Etc?: Update on where we are with Marnew and BOF spanned off from it (SCHEDULED)
  • Spencer: Is New-Work working for other areas? We're not thinking TSV is getting much out of it, that we don't already get from other places, and we're trying to figure out who in TSV should be subcribed to it (was TSV-Dir previously). (SCHEDULED)
  • Alissa: Possible technical topic around Bluetooth
  • Stephen/Kathleen/Alissa?: institutionalizing privacy expertise/review in the IETF
  • A technical topic: ... (TBD)
  • ...


Arrival and Departure

Name Arrival Date Flight (Time) Departure Date Flight (Time) Staying at Kendall?
Jari Arkko spending May in east coast Yes
Alia Atlas none none none none No.
Deborah Brungard May 9 UA2045 (15:03) May 12 UA1657 (20:58) Yes.
Ben Campbell May 9 AA 1191 (17:26) May 13 AA 2202 (10:43) Yes.
Alexey Melnikov May 9 Wow Air 125 (17:30) May 12 Wow Air 126 (18:55) No idea, can I share a room :-)?
Benoit Claise May 8th Evening May 12th UA 8363, 17:00 No (Doubletree Cambridge)
Alissa Cooper May 9 late evening May 12 evening Yes
Spencer Dawkins MAY 9 AA 1094 afternoon MAY 12 AA 2251 morning A Cambridge House Inn at Porter
Stephen Farrell May 9 EI137 13:45 May 12 EI138 21:00 Yeah, I guess.
Heather Flanagan May 9 19:30 May 12 17:00 Yes
Joel Jaeggli May 10 virgin 358 (0600) May 12 virgin 357 (1900) yes
Suresh Krishnan May 10 morning May 12 evening Yes
Mirja Kuhlewind May 9 afternoon May 12 around 10pm Yes
Terry Manderson May 9 4:50pm (VX flight) May 13 5:45pm Yes .
Alexa Morris May 9 VA 350 15:35 May 13 morning train to NYC Yes
Kathleen Moriarty Already here NA NA NA No
Ray Pelletier May 9 May 13 Yes
Alvaro Retana May 10 AA2169 10am May 13 AA1660 7am No (Doubletree Cambridge)
Brian Trammell May 9 LX 52 20:00 May 19 LX 53 21:45 yep
Andrew Sullivan May 10 May 12 AC7629 20:00 yes
Susan Hares May 9 7:09 pm Delta May 12 6:45 pm Delta yes

Dietary Restrictions

Name Restrictions
Heather Wheat / Cow Dairy
Suresh Vegetarian
Andrew Vegetarian
Kathleen Gluten intolerant
Sue Gluten garlic wheat intolerant