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2013 RAI Desired Expertise

Real-Time Applications & Infrastructure

The Real-Time Applications and Infrastructure (RAI) Area develops protocols and architectures for delay-sensitive interpersonal communications. The RAI Area serves an industry whose applications and services include voice and video over IP, instant messaging, and presence. These applications and services are "real-time" in the sense described in RFC 3550.

The infrastructure applications needed to support real-time interpersonal communication are also part of the RAI Area, as are discussions of operational concerns specific to these protocols. For example, work might relate to presence services, to session signaling protocols and emergency call routing solutions, or to work on the "layer five" issues for Internet telephony.

Historically, RAI ADs have spent approximately 75-100% of their time on IETF-related activities.

Like all Areas of the IETF, the RAI Area draws on the work of numerous other Areas, and as such there cannot be knife edge boundaries delineating the work in the RAI Area from the rest of the IETF.