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A Year on the IESG

A year on the IESG is a year of biweekly telechats, triannual IETF meetings, IESG retreats, IETF working group interim meetings, various informal calls and of course many late nights or early mornings of document review.

From a calendaring perspective, IETF meetings occur in the late winter/early spring (March/April?), summer (July/August?), and late fall/early winter (November/December?). Dates of IETF meetings are currently planned roughly two years in advance, even if locations remain undecided. See: meeting list

The month or so leading up to an IETF meeting is the busiest time of year for the IESG. Dealing with working group scheduling, a flood of new document submissions and requests for publications, approval of BOFs (see NewWork), and so on consumes most of an IESGers surrounding time. This would be a good time to be relatively free of day-job responsibilities, other conferences, and so on. After document submission and working group scheduling has concluded, there is a relative period of calm in the few days directly preceeding the IETF meeting. It is, alas, fleeting.

Typically, a face-to-face IESG retreat is scheduled for roughly a month after the spring IETF meeting. This retreat serves as an introduction for newcomers and also a face-to-face meeting to discuss process and other matters of IETF management or steering. In addition to the spring retreat, various other IESG retreats are scheduled to address particular topics. On average, this seems to amount to one additional retreat per year.

Telechats occur every other Thursday; though periodically Thursdays are skipped for IETF meetings, retreats, various holidays, and so on. As such, during the course of a year there may be a three-week gap between telechats, rather than a two-week gap between telechats.