* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

New Work

The IETF takes on major new work through the creation of a new working group, or through re-chartering an existing working group. Typically new chartering proposals are preceded by one or two BoF sessions. From the IESG perspective the current procedure involves the following steps:

  • Preparations for the BOF. Thomas Narten has written a document on How to Run a Successful BoF which is worth a serious read; the preparations play a significant role in the eventual success of the BOF.
  • The BoF organizers send a request for the BoF to the relevant ADs (see MeetingsPlanning for timing). By this time the organizers should fulfill the guidelines outlined in Thomas Narten's document, e.g., have set up a public mailing list, have drafts, interested people discussing the topic, etc. Currently it is recommended that BoF requests are sent two weeks prior to the scheduling deadline, but earlier is better. Also, materials should be posted in the BOF wiki as soon as available.
  • The ADs consider the request together with the IESG and the IAB. The IESG and IAB holds a conference call one week before the scheduling deadline to provide input about the BOFs to the ADs in question.
  • The ADs make a decision to either approve or disapprove the BoF, and inform agenda@ietf.org about the decision.
  • IAB members that participated the BoF provide input to the IESG. There's typically also discussion within the IESG and IAB about the matter.
  • Depending on the outcome of the BoF, the proposal may either need more work or can go to the actual chartering process. If it goes to the chartering process, this starts by requesting an item in the IESG telechat, to decide whether a new charter can be sent for "External Review". There are detailed instructions about what emails to send and what agenda slots to ask for at https://www.ietf.org/iesg/internal/procedures/wg-procedures.html.
  • If the IESG decides that the charter is ready for external review, the secretariat sends the charter out on the ietf-announce and new-work lists.
  • Based on input from the community and other SDOs the IESG then makes a decision in the next telechat about the actual chartering. If the decision is to approve the WG, the secretariat sends out an approval notice on the ietf-announce list. At this time the appropriate WG pages are also created at the IETF web site.

See also Brian Carpenter's general workflow processing diagram attached below.

Other organizations typically track chartering proposal announcements through the new-work mailing list. Major new proposals with potential IETF impact are also often posted to this list.

Chartering a working group is not the only way that IETF tackles new work, however. ADs sometimes sponsor individual documents without associated working groups.