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2015 Management Desired Expertise

Operations and Management

The primary technical areas covered by the Operations and Management Area include: Network Management, AAA, and various operational issues facing the Internet such as DNS operations, IPv6 operations, and Routing operations.

Unlike most IETF areas, the Operations and Management Area is logically divided into two separate functions: Network Management and Operations. This year, the Network Management AD role is open, so specific expertise desired for the open position includes a strong understanding of Network Management, measurement, energy management, as well as the ability to step into Internet operations issues when necessary. To assist the ADs, there are active directorate (OPS directorate, AAA doctors, Performance Metrics directorate, MIB doctors, YANG doctors, YANG model coordination group). Historically, specific expertise desired for this position includes a strong understanding of AAA, RADIUS, Diameter, IPFIX, NETCONF, SNMP, SMI, and YANG. While this set of expertise is important, the Network Management AD role has recently been tasked by the IESG with a focus on YANG developments (http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ietf-announce/current/msg13576.html) and some work has been shuffled accordingly. As such, the NETCONF and YANG desired expertise is more important than ever.

A strong architectural background is desirable since the evolution of the Internet management architecture is expected to be one of the principal subjects of interest and work for the Operations and Management Area in the coming years.

Another important role of the Management AD is to identify potential or actual management issues regarding IETF protocols and documents in all Areas, and to work with the other Areas to resolve those issues. This implies a strong understanding of how new and updated protocols should be managed, including aspects related to configuration, monitoring and alarms. It also implies a good understanding of the operational environment, a strong cross-area understanding of the Internet architecture, and a strong understanding of IETF protocols. Note that breadth of technical ability is more important than specific technical expertise.

The Management portion of the Operations and Management Area intersects with all Areas, specifically in reviewing and assisting with documents related to management or AAA aspects, especially the shepherding and management of documents defining MIB and YANG modules and specifications that make use of RADIUS or Diameter. Thus, cross-area expertise in any Area would be useful. Security of network management is an important topic. The Operations and Management Area also interacts with the operations community, operator organizations like NANOG, RIPE, and other SDOs doing work in network management such as the IEEE 802.