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The IESG has certain nominating tasks for positions not handled by the regular Nom Com. These are handled under the same conditions of confidentiality as Nom Com, i.e. the results are announced but the discussions are completely confidential. Thus, the discussions must take place either on an ADs-only teleconference or on the ADs-only mailing list (see IesgInternal).

One job comes up every two years: nominating a member of the IAOC (see IesgIasa). This is governed in general by BCP101 and in details by BCP113. The IESG Chair has to kick this process off at the latest during November of every odd-numbered year, to seat the new IAOC member at the first IETF of the following even-numbered year. (The IAB has this task in alternate years.)

Another job, which comes up annually, is acting as the confirming body for an ISOC (see IesgIsoc) Board Member appointed by the IAB BCP77. This should come to the IESG shortly after the first IETF each year.