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The IESG often discusses matters (such as possible names for future WG chairs, expert reviewers, liaisons, etc, and performance problems with current appointees) that are somewhat sensitive. Everybody on the IESG calls or the iesg@ietf.org list may hear or see such discussions and is bound by normal standards of professional confidentiality. For example, in narrative minutes or other forms of external reporting, it's OK to say 'The problem of missed milestones in the foobar WG was discussed' but not OK to say 'The AD wants to fire the chair of the foobar WG but can't find anyone better at this time.'

Sometimes, the IESG needs to discuss matters that are intrinsically confidential and exempt from our normal goal of transparency. Specifically, this means nomination actions (see IesgNominating), appeals, contractual matters for IASA (see IesgIasa) and conceivably legal issues (see IesgLaw).

Nominations and appeals are discussed among the ADs only (no liaisons, no staff, no IAB Chair). This may need an executive session phone call; otherwise the iesg-only at ietf.org list is used.

Contractual matters, e.g. when the IASA wants IESG input on details of a contract or the IESG wants to raise issues with IASA about an existing contract, have to be discussed with the participation of the IAB Chair and IAB liaison (especially since the IAB has oversight of IANA and the RFC Editor) and with the IAD or others from the IAOC. This may need an executive session phone call; otherwise the iesg-negotiation at ietf.org list is used. This list is for private discussions of matters concerning relations and contracts with the IETF's service providers, and possibly legal matters, which should only be exposed to the Nomcom-appointed members and the IAD.

Legal matters may also require an executive session phone call with the IETF counsel or use of an ad hoc mailing list, depending on the issues and the ADs concerned.