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Desired Expertise summary to be sent to the NomCom

This is a collection of the summary of desired expertise that we send to the NomCom. Each year, we review them and update as necessary. The NomCom liaison then puts together the appropriate collection of these (e.g., including IETF Chair on those years that it's appropriate, grabs the Management or Operations description as appropriate, etc.) for the NomCom. Checking the history of each page lets you see changes from year to year.

Generic Expertise

IETF Chair Expertise

Applications and Real Time (ART) AD Expertise

Internet AD Expertise

Management AD Expertise

Operations AD Expertise

Routing AD Expertise

Security AD Expertise

Transport AD Expertise

(There are also some older pages here and here, for historical interest).

Applications AD Expertise (replaced by ART)

Real-Time Applications & Infrastructure AD Expertise (replaced by ART)