* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

If an AD hasn't had time to review a draft but really feels the need to do so (i.e. is unwilling to state NO OBJECTION without further ado), it's possible to [Defer DEFER] the draft to the next telechat - once only.

Most ADs feel bad if they have to do this.

To defer a draft:

  • Consider contacting the responsible AD ahead of time so you don't surprise them
  • In the "Open Web Ballot", press the (Defer Ballot) button in the upper left corner.

Recovering if you took the wrong path

You might be tempted to push the (IESG Evaluation - Defer) Next State button on the "Detail Info" page for the draft. That is not the button you are looking for if you are only wanting to defer the draft. If you have pressed that button, one safe way to clean things back up is to ask the Secretariat to put things back in the right state. If you choose to clean it up yourself, you probably only need to return the document to (IESG Evaluation) and then defer the draft by following the earlier instructions. You might also have been tempted to manually reassign the document to another telechat date. If you have done so, put it back where it was and go clear the Returning Item flag (assuming it wasn't already a Returning Item).