* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

How to put chartering or rechartering actions onto the agenda

The basic is to send an email to iesg-secretary@ietf.org with the following information:

  • If it is for "WG Creation" or "WG Rechartering". One also needs to specify for "WG Creation" if it is for "Proposed for IETF Review" or "Proposed for Approval" and for "WG Rechartering" if it is for "Under evaluation for IETF Review" or "Proposed for Approval".
  • The proposed charter text in text format with a maximum of 72 columns (If you don't the text will be wrongly formatted on the agenda page). Please ensure that it is well indented.
    • For Rechartering please include a diff or a detailed description of the changes compared to previously approved version.
  • Which IESG telechat this is to be included in.

The IESG secretariat will send out the charter according to the type of action you requested in the above. You should send in this email at the latest on Thursday the week before (the normal agenda deadline).

Chartering and some rechartering (including any major changes) needs to go out on IETF review. This will happen after an approval on telechat for a charter listed in the "Proposed/Under? evaluation for IETF Review" category. In cases when the charter text needs editing after the IESG telechat one has a more stringent timelimt to allow for community review. The IESG secretariat needs the updated text at the latest Tuesday morning the week before the telechat intended to approve the charter.