* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

The main page explains the options you have on a ballot. When logged in as an AD, there are at least two ways to find ballot pages. For the upcoming agenda, they are linked directly off the web agenda itself. For any draft, if the ballot has been issued at all, you search for the draft from the tracker home page, click on Detail and then on Open Web Ballot. You have a line in the ballot, highlighted in yellow.

To vote, simply click on the option you want and remember to click Save My evaluation. Changing your vote is the same - for example, to change from DISCUSS to NO OBJECTION, simply click the NO OBJECTION button and save.

If you vote DISCUSS you will then be forced to enter your DISCUSS comment (and once again, it needs to respect the DISCUSS criteria).

Comments are optional and non-binding: use the Add/Edit? my Comment button. After entering your Discuss or Comment text, don't forget to click the Save... button.

It is almost always necessary to then mail your Discuss and/or Comment using the button provided. By default it goes only to the IESG. Normally, you'll want to check the box to copy the people in the "notify" list, and you may want to add other email addresses, such as specialist reviewers. Copy everybody who is needed in the conversation to get the DISCUSS resolved - otherwise balls can easily get dropped.

Again, remember to click the Send this message button.